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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, a landscaping and tree maintenance contractor serving areas near Miami, Fla., Posted a blog post that discusses the care and considerations homeowners should take when planning a home. tree removal during the winter months.

Felling trees is an invasive procedure that can cause significant damage to existing landscaping and yard work. If a tree is to be removed with the stump, the hired contractor will need to dig the area around the stump to ensure that it is properly pulled out without leaving any part of the tree roots. This can throw a wrench into a homeowner’s landscaping plans as they will have to invest time and money to level the ground and restore it to acceptable condition to make the tree appear to have been removed did not exist in the first place. . Some scars and unevenness in the ground will be clearly visible for some time after the tree has been removed, and you will either need to lay fresh sod or level manually to make the end result look clean and smooth.

The Empire Property Services Landscaping blog post notes that winter is a great time for landscaping, as the colder conditions greatly reduce the damage to the soil that accompanies the complete removal of a tree. When the ground is frozen, the equipment used for felling trees as well as the branches or logs that touch the ground will not have as much of an impact as if the conditions were warmer and the ground was softer and easier. transgress. In addition, heavy equipment can be used more easily in winter to access areas where loose soil would not let contractors pass in the spring or summer.

The blog post goes on to say that there is another distinct benefit to planning a tree felling service in winter. Tree removal contractors typically price their services based on demand and supply. The summer months are a busy time for the industry, as most home and property owners find it a great time to make changes to their garden and, as a result, prices for services. tree maintenance are generally higher. The winter months are slower for them, as most people prefer to stay indoors rather than facing the near-freezing conditions in their front or back yard. This is why it becomes cheaper to avail of tree removal or maintenance services during the winter months, as customers can get away with lower prices.

The blog post then lists the conditions under which it is imperative to schedule a tree removal. As a general rule, trees should be pruned, topped or completely removed if they present a risk to life and property. Winter conditions can bring wind, ice, rain or snow with them weakening them and one of these conditions could be the final reason for the disappearance of a dead, decaying or moving tree. to die. Extreme weather conditions can make trees a danger to the lives of those who live on the property or use it regularly. Trees can fall under the stress of heavy snowfall, tree branches can break under the weight of ice, trees can topple over and branches can break in strong winds, and heavy rains saturating the area. soil can cause trees with shallow roots to fall. The problem of a weakened tree that may fall is compounded if it is near structures such as the house, garage, parked cars, power lines, or the road.

Readers who wish to know more about the services offered by the company for winter tree maintenance at Pembroke Pines can go to the EPS Landscaping website. EPS Landscaping provides a range of services such as landscaping, tree maintenance, lawn care and irrigation in many areas of South Florida including Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines and Southwest Ranches. The company can be reached on telephone number (954) 980-9003 for business inquiries and quotes.


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