Election 2022: Rajesh Mohan, Holmdel Township Committee


HOLMDEL, NJ — Independent Rajesh Mohan is one of four candidates seeking two full-term seats on the Holmdel Township Committee in the Nov. 8 general election.

In these profiles, candidates provide voters with information about themselves and their positions on issues. Patch will post individual profiles, leading up to the election.

Rajesh Mohan said personal safety is a priority for residents as the trend of car thefts has increased, and he said he would encourage the smart use of technology and collaboration with law enforcement. order. A doctor, Mohan said he would like to see more attention given to the township’s elderly, including exploring “home-based” health care. And he said he would encourage transparency in government transactions.

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Read more about the candidate Rajesh Mohan:

Last name: Rajesh Mohan

Find out what’s going on in Holmdel-Hazletwith free real-time Patch updates.

Age: 58

Town of residence : Holmdel

Job sought : Member, Holmdel Township Committee

Are you an outgoing member or a former member of the government?: Nope

Party Membership: Independent

Campaign website: https://mohanroth4holmdel.com/

Family: Wife, Nandini Mohan (MS, Computer Science of New York University; son Yuvraj Mohan YUVRAJ, quantum engineer (BSE, MSE. University of Pennsylvania); son Vishvajit Mohan (BBA., JD L3, George Washington University)

Education: Board Certified Cardiologist and MBA (MD, MBA, FACC, FSCAI)

Occupation: Cardiologist

Name the main problems your city is currently facing and how you plan to solve them:

  • Security. Several residents of Holmdel have personally expressed to me their apprehension and anxiety over the apparent shortcomings of our security environment in Holmdel. The rise in car thefts is one indicator, with Holmdel being in the midst of this dangerous trend.

Since most cars are programmed with garage door openers, a potential home break-in keeps many people awake at night. Many parents fear allowing their children to be in previously open and safe neighborhoods.

Solutions to many such security issues can be effectively addressed through the smart use of technology, monitoring, and working with law enforcement.

  • Accountability, transparency and tax reduction.

Most residents of Holmdel do not know where their hard-earned taxes are spent. We are spending so much taxpayer money, but there are still areas of Holmdel that are flooded, the frequency of power outages has increased, and stormwater management continues to be a pernicious issue for many Holmdel residents.

It is disgusting that a relatively wealthy town like Holmdel continues to have problems that are not only persistent, but are getting worse instead of better. All of these issues have a negative impact on all Holmdel residents and their quality of life.

The solutions to address these issues lie in formulating and following open and transparent processes that include light on transactions large and small. Such processes compel and promote honesty, prevent cronyism while holding leaders accountable when serving their constituents.

Such processes also increase efficiency, eliminate waste and result in savings that help reduce the tax burden on residents.

  • Our seniors need more attention and care.

The health systems that serve our communities must be partnered in order to provide high quality health care to all residents of Holmdel, especially our seniors.

There are different models of home health care delivery, which can be implemented in partnership with local health facilities at no cost to residents or the municipality.

Identify one or more specific goals or ideas you have to improve life in your city:

  • To preserve, protect and improve the health and well-being of all residents of Holmdel. This would mean preserving open spaces, improving safety in schools and throughout the city, and solving fundamental problems of floods, power outages, supporting and collaborating with law enforcement, our police officers and our firefighters.
  • Encourage and encourage the participation of more Holmdel residents in city activities by promoting cultural and community events. Involving more residents will keep leadership on its toes, which will provide better results.

What in your experience or background prepares you for election to a position:

I am lucky to have been brought up in a very positive environment. It was the teachings of my parents – Janak and Aryma – that made me the person I am.

The motto of my high school was “Service before self”. Coming from a family of lawyers and engineers, consciously or unconsciously, I naturally pursued the field of medicine.

I believe the path I took was mainly due to empathy and a thirst to serve and make things better for everyone, which I absorbed during my formative years.

I was also taught to be strong, resilient, and to speak up in defense of good and against evil. My parents taught me never to take anything for granted, to always work hard and to leave nothing to chance.

As a practicing cardiologist for many years, and then taking on additional responsibilities in leadership, teaching and administrative roles, I have seen how the consequences of developing and implementing policies can have a profound effect on people’s lives.

I was asked to help lead a hospital turnaround, one that many had given up on. The hospital became a success in one year – increasing services, quality and profitability for many people in a surprisingly short period of time and to the amazement of many.

I have a common-sense, evidence-based approach to finding solutions to complex problems that have stood the test of time. By using such an approach, I have achieved positive results that many assumed were not possible, especially in record time.

As a cardiologist with an intensive care mentality and an MBA, procrastination is not in my vocabulary. Every problem that needs to be solved, in my mind, is time sensitive.

Innovation, critical thinking, team building and treating people and colleagues with empathy, dignity and respect are, in my opinion, the keys to success. As a member of senior management, my team in one of the largest organizations received the highest scores on the employee engagement survey.
I always look forward to rolling up my sleeves and going to work on the front lines with my team like I did during the COVID pandemic.

I love and strive to know the pulse of people, which helps me gain insight into real-time issues to tackle them early on before they snowball. This approach helped me when I was treating COVID patients with doctors and nurses on the front line because that’s where I learned about the challenges in real time instead of waiting for the information to come to me in the meeting room.

As a result, as Chief Medical Officer, I made tough decisions and appeals that yielded good results and were appreciated at the time, and some later, while managing the multiple flare-ups of the pandemic which resulted in no employee deaths at my hospital, due to the hospital acquiring COVID, unlike many hospitals in New York and New Jersey.

I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest freestanding mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa) as a tribute to COVID health warriors and their families. It was a grueling and humbling experience – physically and mentally demanding and challenging.

It reminded me of the importance of developing a healthy respect for the unknown. I am a scientific and artistic person having published many scientific articles and author of books. Writing helps me know more. I am currently working on a new book.

Candidates for the committee of the canton of Holmdel:

Full mandate – Vote for two:

  • Kimberley LaMountain (Republican)
  • Brian Foster (Republican)
  • Rajesh Mohan (Independent)
  • Julie Roth (independent)

No Democrats are running for office.

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