Dogs dress up in Victorian outfits for Christmas Furbabies Dog Pageant in Yorkshire

A parade of canine lovers showed their work today by dressing their doggies in disguise for a dog show in Yorkshire.

The Furbabies Dog Pageant, at Collingham Memorial Hall in Leeds, featured a Victorian Christmas theme.

Mutts of all breeds, shapes and sizes have been entered into the event, with the goal of being crowned lead dogs.

Among the attendees were Barney the Beagle, dressed as a chimney sweep, Mia the Cocker Spaniel, wearing a lavish red and white dress suitable for the season, and Pomeranian Tallulah, decked out in a festive faux fur-trimmed gown with rhinestone details.

Barney the Beagle dons a flat cap and waistcoat as part of his Victorian chimney sweep costume at today’s Victorian Christmas themed Furbabies dog competition

Top dog: Mia the Cocker Spaniel won first place in the Queen Bell category, with her sumptuous seasonal dress, accessorized with a white hat

Pup-arazzi: Chihuahuas Minnie (left) and Rosie (right) pose for the cameras as they show off matching furry dresses

Beagle Barney’s outfit is a nod to chimney sweeps, whose services were often in peak demand as Christmas approached

A woman and her doggie in their pretty complementary outfits, adorned with burgundy and fuchsia respectively

Pomeranian Tallulah poses in a festive faux fur trimmed dress with rhinestone details

Another notable participant was Keisha the Keeshond, who was disguised as the ghost of the Christmas present, one of the characters in Charles Dickens’ famous novel, A Christmas Carol.

Her human Michelle Parker created a lavish dress with layers of tulle, which was trimmed with pale blue faux fur and completed with an icicle-shaped crown.

And the dogs weren’t the only ones wearing fancy outfits; some of the humans also donned themed clothes.

A few dog lovers were pictured wearing seasonal outfits to complement what their precious doggies were wearing.

Dog owners went to great lengths to ensure their canine costumes were up to par. Tallulah the Pomeranian’s dress features a detailed image of Santa Claus

Tallulah the Pomeranian’s dress features a detailed image of Santa Claus

Amy Sullivan, pictured here with Pomeranian Tallulah, also embraced the seasonal spirit, donning a Christmas sweater as she attended the event

A Dog’s Life: Mr Darcey, the Pomeranian, yawns at the event at Collingham Memorial Hall in Leeds

Pomeranian Mr. Darcy channels the poise of his literary namesake, posing proudly in his red coat and silver bow

Anton Toy the poodle wore red knitwear with a matching bow as he took to the stage to show off his skills

Ready for your close-up? The toy poodle Anton was just one of many well-dressed doggies in the Christmas edition of the dog contest

The well-groomed puppy poses patiently as he gets his paw line caught, showing off his dapper bow tie in all its glory

One of the dogs was pictured wearing a lilac and pastel pink dress, topped with a pink ruffled hat

Human fancy dress outfits included Victorian-style dresses and coats in appropriate seasonal colors including red, burgundy, and gold.

Pet owners paid an entry fee of £ 1 per person in the hall, with each pound being deposited with the Meatless Charity.

They were told that if their dog was not a fan of dressing up, they could use a Christmas patterned harness, bandana and / or hat instead.

People walked their animals to the catwalk in front of a panel of four judges and answered a random question about their four-legged friends.

The contestants were rated out of 20 on the judges ‘first impression, presentation of the theme, creativity, overall appearance, and response to the judges’ question.

Judges (left) watch a woman and her dog step onto the podium to show off their seasonal costume

Best bits of fur: A woman and her dog wait to take their turn in front of the jury’s watchful eyes

Michelle Parker with Keisha the Keeshond, disguised as a ghost from the Christmas present, one of the characters in Charles Dickens’ famous novel, A Christmas Carol

Keisha the Keeshond in her intricate costume with lavish layers of white tulle and pale blue faux fur

Missy the Maltese walked the red carpet in a blue dress with a studded silver belt and feathered headpiece

The intricate dog costume was constructed using thin layers of blue organza, studded with shimmering beads

To top off her outfit, Missy wore a headpiece decorated with feathers, pearls and roses in blue satin fabric.

Today’s event, which follows several previous contests, was scheduled to take place last December, but has been postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Event organizers, Furbabies fundog show and doggy pageant, launched the project last January.

Writing about the contests on their Facebook page, they said: “Come to the best contest in the UK, where furbabies are all about fun.”

Describing the event as “the first dog beauty pageant show to be born in the north of England”, they called on people to “come and try us”.

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