Department of Employment and Family Services employees approve wage increases

The Ashland County office building at the intersection of West Main and Cottage streets can be viewed here on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. TOM E. PUSKAR / TIMES-GAZETTE.COM

ASHLAND – In the presence of Director of Employment and Family Services Peter Stefaniuk and giving a brief explanation, Ashland County Commissioners Mike Welch and Denny Bittle have approved salary increases for current and future JFS employees.

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“I ask that they enter into force on January 1, 2022,” Stefaniuk said. “In a sense, it’s a campaign promise that has been kept. It’s about the Human Services Levy and what we’ve been able to accomplish with those funds. We could not do this without the constituents of Ashland County and without the support of the Ashland County Commissioners. “

“This (pay raise) was a long time coming,” Bittle said. “We weren’t very competitive. It allows us to be competitive and to pay people their fair value.

American Rescue Plan Helps Fund Courthouse CVC Upgrade

Commissioners approved five areas for money transfers, with the largest transfer being $ 519,679 from the US bailout account to provide funds for the CVC upgrade in the county courthouse.

The other transfers concerned public assistance, prison operations, the court clerk and G&MV. The G&MV transfer amounted to $ 82,703.87 for public and state works.

The operations of the jail, the Dog and Kennel building, commissioners and the township gas tax have all been approved for various credits.

The commissioners overturned a December 16 resolution passed last week for a credit to victims of crime. Last week’s credit was approved for 2021 and should have been for 2022.

New dog shelter approved for architectural service

A contract with VSWC Architects to provide architectural criteria services for the construction of a new dog shelter was approved at a cost of $ 11,000.

Four one-year leases for premises at the County Service Center have been approved, all beginning January 1, 2022. Ashland Parenting Plus ($ 925 per month), Ashland Soil and Water ($ 636.66), Lucinda Arnold ($ 165 ) and Ground Work Play Therapy ($ 2,075) will enter into the one-year rental agreement.

The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc will continue to support the 2022 post-closure surveillance program at the closed Ashland County landfill. The cost of monitoring is $ 81,425 with funds from Solid Waste.

“It’s a 30-year program,” Bittle said.

“They have to check the methane levels and everything,” Welch said. “And when 30 years have passed, there will probably be tests going on. “

An increase from $ 15 per day to $ 30 per day for weekend call duty has been approved for full-time kennel manager Kristin Fussner and full-time dog sitter Joe Eggerton. The increase begins on January 1.

FOLLOWING The commissioners will meet on Thursday, January 6 at 9 a.m. in the commissioner’s conference room on the second floor of the county office building. The meetings are open to the public, but also streamed live on the Ashland County Government Facebook page, OH.

This article originally appeared in the Ashland Times Gazette: County commissioners approve salary increases for employment and family services

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