Dandelion Energy Announces Acquisition of Glacier Drilling in Connecticut, Supporting Northeast Expansion

MOUNT KISCO, NY, January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — dandelion energy, the national leader in home geothermal installation, today announced the acquisition of Glacial drilling, an experienced drilling team based in Connecticut. Directed by Marc Schock, Glacier Drilling brings 26 years of drilling and related services to owners and commercial organizations. Offering a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling solutions, Glacier Drilling’s powerhouse Connecticut location facilitates mobilization throughout New England and New York Region.

The acquisition of Glacier Drilling strengthens Dandelion’s ability to provide owners everywhere New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont with geothermal heating and cooling, the cleanest and most efficient HVAC system available. As people turn to geothermal heating and cooling solutions to improve the environmental sustainability and economic efficiency of their homes, the team at Glacier Drilling supports Dandelion’s ability to serve more homes, faster, in all of the Northeast.

“We are thrilled to offer a growing number of homeowners the option of having a geothermal system, the most sustainable heating and cooling solution money can buy,” said Michael Sachse, CEO of Dandelion. “Glacier Drilling is an exceptional company and their work throughout the North East will help Dandelion mobilize more crews for more frequent installations. We have been impressed with the quality of their work and their focus on safety, and we are delighted to see them supporting our expansion.”

Marc Schock, owner and president of Glacier Drilling, said, “Our experience with Dandelion has been incredibly positive so far. proud to be part of the movement towards cleaner energy and cleaner environments for our teams to work in and our neighbors to live in.” He then spoke of his own experience. “I installed geothermal in my home 5 year. I was tired of spending $4,000 per year on fuel oil and get oil deliveries every 10 days. I did the drilling, but I hired contractors to install the geothermal heat pump and other parts of the system. I love it – it works great and I’m not on fossil fuels anymore. My only challenge was that I had to be the general contractor for the job. Dandelion provides a one-stop-shop for homeowners to obtain and maintain a geothermal system in their home. I could have used it!”

About Dandelion Energy
As the nation’s leading home geothermal energy company, Dandelion Energy’s mission is to mitigate climate change by making renewable technologies more accessible and decarbonizing homes. Today, Dandelion’s heating and cooling solutions for the 21st century allow homeowners to save up to 50% on their heating and cooling bills and help the environment by moving away from conventional systems. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from homes by up to 80%. The state-of-the-art geothermal heat pump system offers monitoring over Wi-Fi, creating a smarter, more responsive and more innovative approach than any other HVAC system on the market. To learn more, visit www.dandelionenergy.com.

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