Cumberland County cancels school and suspends some municipal services Friday ::

Cumberland County schools let out two hours early Thursday in anticipation of the winter storm.

All students will be in virtual and asynchronous learning on Friday, which means they can work independently on their assignments.

Meanwhile, Fayetteville leaders briefed the media on how the city is preparing for winter. A number of city services will be suspended on Friday, including buses and garbage collection.

The city has prepared the roads with brine and trucks are ready to clean them when the storm arrives. The city has its eight trucks with plows and sand spreaders ready to roll.

Assistant Utilities Manager Lee Jernigan said this is in addition to the prep work done by NC DOT trucks.

“We’ve completed prep by putting brine on all of our city-owned roads, major arterials, as well as our city-owned bridges,” Jernigan said. “We will have crews manned 24/7 from the morning to when we need to demobilize as part of the storm.”

Fayetteville Fire Marshal TJ McLamb said his office will have additional staff during the storm.

In the event of a power outage, he says, be especially careful with gas heaters and generators.

“Make sure you have three foot clearance all around these heaters, and if you’re using a generator for power loss, make sure you have these generators outside – don’t put it in the garage, even if you have an open garage door,” he said.

Cumberland County has opened a shelter at the Smith Recreation Center on Slater Avenue in Fayetteville. It opened at 4 p.m. and will stay open until noon on Sunday.

The Salvation Amy in Fayetteville has also expanded its capacity for anyone who needs protection from the cold.

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