Creepy Crawlers and Critters: Staying Abreast of Bug, Insect, and Pest Problems in Your Home

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Have you seen them? Insects and flying pests begin their summer.

Insects and pests can appear in the worst places at the most inopportune times, usually accompanied by a cry.

As the weather in western Pennsylvania begins to deteriorate and people take advantage of warmer temperatures, so do insects and pests.

“I get a lot of calls about insects. Now that we’ve had warm weather, some flying insects such as paper wasps. Carpenter bees are starting to come out,” said Russ Rusiski of Complete Pest Control Services.

All sorts of creepy, creepy things run Rusiski’s business, like termites.

“April was hot and cold, mostly cold. So the swarms are a bit later,” Rusiski said.

Ants are also starting to appear in more homes.

“It really started in March and it’s really exploding now that it’s hot,” Rusiski added.

An ant spray that can be used around doors may not prevent insects from entering your home, but Rusiski says it will certainly help reduce the impact.

Rusiski says products like Raid or Black Flag are effective, but owners tend to overuse these types of products.

Carpenter bees are another type of insect that is making a comeback.

“They look very aggressive and very, very intimidating. And they can sting, but they usually don’t,” Rusiski said.

If you want to get rid of bees or wasps, watch where they are going, and usually if you can find the hole and treat the hole, that’s enough.

If you have a pet, Rusiski says most treatments won’t harm them, but it’s always a good idea to read label precautions and always follow directions.

Rusiski also suggests using treatment products during the cooler evening hours, when insects are less active and more likely to be in their nests.

Pest Prevention (Pt. 2)


When it comes to four-legged creatures and critters, you may end up on a waiting list if you call an exterminator right now.

Last weekend’s warm weather caused an explosion of exterminator activity in the area, and when it comes to the creepy scale, mice top the list.

“They will come throughout the year looking for shelter and food,” Rusiski said.

Rusiski says a crack under a garage door is one of many welcome mats for mice, with another common area being where the air conditioning hose enters a home.

If you find yourself in a situation once a mouse has entered your home, Rusiski advises investing in traps.

If you hear some sort of creature in your attic, chances are it’s a raccoon or a squirrel.

Outside the home, skunks, possums, and groundhogs are usually found under a deck, patio, or shed.

Rusiski says no creature should be taken lightly, adding that some could carry rage.

If you have a problem with something in your attic or outside, you better call someone to come and trap it and remove it.

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