Coquitlam District school repairs total $7 million to include HVAC

Did your school get painted, new LED lights, plumbing, or an HVAC upgrade this summer? Here is the list of summer projects, according to the latest report from School District 43.

The opening of a new Education Learning Centera $135 million announcement for Burke Mountain Middle/High School and a ceremony of the new reception centers weren’t the only notable changes to school facilities this summer.

More than a dozen schools in School District 43 (SD43) also received less exciting but equally important work over the summer, thanks to $7 million in provincial grants.

Here is the work that took place:

  • Re-roofing work at Port Moody Secondary and Walton Elementary = $1.3 million
  • Mechanical HVAC projects ranged from large, phased, stand-alone projects at Hampton Park Elementary, Aspenwood Elementary, Mary Hill Elementary, Hillcrest Middle, and Heritage Woods Secondary. They included unit fans, boiler and air handler replacements, gas absorption heat pump installation, mechanical upgrades = $2.9 million
  • Plumbing system upgrades including water bottle filling stations, hot water systems, and pipe and fixture replacements = $80,000
  • Site and facility improvements including room conversions to create additional classrooms and retreat spaces at Charles Best Secondary, Pinetree Secondary and Montgomery Middle = $427,000
  • Flooring replacements and gym floor refurbishment at various sites = $235,000
  • Drainage improvements at Cedar Drive Elementary and Lord Baden Powell Elementary = $75,000
  • Exterior painting at Heritage Mountain Elementary, James Park Elementary, Coquitlam River Elementary, Kwayhquitlum Middle and Riverside Secondary = $450,000
  • LED lighting upgrades at Port Moody Secondary, Kwayhquitlum Middle, Baker Drive Elementary, Hampton Park Elementary and Aspenwood Elementary = $276,000
  • Fire protection and security projects including fire signs, security cameras, PA system and key scanning = $466,000
  • Next phase 1 of the Rochester Building Envelope project = $750,000
  • Reserves, contributions and miscellaneous contracts (not classified above) = $126,160

Child care in schools

School District 43 trustees will hold their last public meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 20) before the Oct. 15 municipal election.

Board members will discuss a number of agenda items, including updated education plans for the year, a review of the mandate of its finance and audit committee and the approval of the audited financial statements.

Administrators are also expected to seek federal funding of $175,000 to support child care plans in schools.

The money will be used for staff to support the SD43 childcare strategy, including focusing on expanding offsite childcare operators to elementary school sites that need additional childcare services. learning and childcare.

Administrators will also hear reports on international and summer schools and news about school-related programs and achievements over the summer.

You can view the agenda here and follow the meeting, which will be broadcast live through Zoom.

After the municipal elections on October 15, the inaugural meeting of the board of directors will take place on November 9.

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