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As we start over in 2022, I have to clear the folder titled “column ideas” from last year. These are random, unrelated thoughts that have piled up on my desk, but for some reason they never developed into full columns. Here are a few, in no particular order:

  • It’s curious that patriots who cared enough about our democracy to come to the taxpayer-owned United States Capitol in an attempt to save it are being portrayed as people who pose a threat to democracy – and that’s the picture. which is put up by the people who are actually killing our democracy. Psychologists call this “projection” – accusing others of the very thing you are doing. This is not uncommon, whether it is unfaithful wives or crooked politicians.
  • America is like the ice cream machine at McDonald’s – it doesn’t work because the people in charge don’t have the willpower to make it work.
  • Politicians and experts preach that natural resources are finite, but apparently money is not. Print more! What’s the matter, Boomer ?!
  • Policy and rules should not be based on exceptions. Take seat belts, for example. We have all heard of a motorist whose death was the result of a seat belt, but to focus on this one and ignore the thousands of people who were saved by seat belts would be silly and dishonest. Then again, I don’t like my own analogy because I’m a libertarian at heart – no one 18 or older should be required to wear a seat belt or a helmet.
  • We don’t have critical thinkers, we have emotional reactors… and their reaction is not so much based on what is said as on who is saying it.
  • Much of what goes on in our society is designed to give the impression that practicality and functionality is to hell. Trying is all that matters, and it’s commendable no matter how effective it is. The electric / hybrid vehicle industry is built on this principle. The same goes for the many face covering manufacturers and the TSA – protection providers who would seemingly disagree, come to think of it. Yet, they’re similar in that they’re both there, disturbing people who are just trying to go about their lives, so a few torturers may have a false sense of security. It’s about making them feel better, not making anyone safer.
  • In fact, masks can help people stay healthy – put one on the next time you hit the Haagen Daaz.
  • It would be nice if we could disagree with destructive policies without perpetuating personal destruction.
  • Shaq can’t even speak coherently, yet he has a job to speak… what a country!
  • I’m not a super smart guy – unless the grading is on a curve in a class that includes CNN commentators, Lebron James’ Twitter followers, and social media influencers – but it seems obvious to me: the people who can’t stop stop talking about America’s original sin (which they didn’t suffer from) and now willingly slaves to elites who don’t care. And if that irony isn’t thick enough, the people they vote for have convinced them that it’s the people from the other party who are trying to put them back in chains!
  • There are two kinds of people: those who put people in groups and those who don’t.
  • I have a cousin who worked for “a large parcel delivery company based in Memphis” for about 30 years. Data analysis is one of its missions. Whenever he’s tasked with managing numbers, he asks big bosses a question: “What do you need the numbers to say?” Remember this when it comes to information that our government or any industry gives us. Information based on statistics will always be selfish. As Mark Twain said a century ago, “There are lies, cursed lies and statistics.”
  • An engaged minority can control an apathetic majority.
  • “Toxic masculinity” is a term that has been used a lot lately. He appears to be referring to white, straight, conservative males over the age of 30 or so. And it’s a reminder that we’re part of the only group that’s okay to openly criticize in America today. Take advantage of your privilege?
  • People are writing and reading more than ever, but in small nuggets on various social media platforms. This means that people’s lack of basic literacy is constantly exposed to the public… and, yes, it matters. It’s hard to take someone’s point of view seriously if it’s full of mistakes. True or false, that’s just the reality.
  • If you’re a young musician and don’t think spelling is important, leave the “i” out of the “recital” when inviting people and see how many people show up.
  • Just because something is understandable doesn’t mean it’s excusable.
  • What’s going on with the eyelash size on some of these women? Looks like they have chimney brooms stuck to their eyelids. Hey, there’s a possible side fuss for skinny, meth-headed girls. You no longer have to sell or trade your bodies to your dealer. You can be chimney sweeps. Just use a winch (ha!)
  • Our approach to governance and law enforcement appears to follow a simple principle: control police officers and rationalize the behavior of those who pose real threats to society. This way of thinking is more insulting and damaging than any word. It is an admission that there are higher expectations of some people than people who are seen as savage as they revolt and react uncontrollably to every perceived injustice instead of fighting in the right way. It’s also a continuation of the all-too-common theme that destroys our culture, calling out good evil and evil good as the Book of Revelation unfolds in real time.
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