Cold weather safety tips for your wood stove

We are experiencing the coldest air we have felt since last spring, so many people have woken up and turned on the heat for the first time in months.

STROUDSBURG, PA – At Stoves’ N Stuff near Stroudsburg, there’s one department, in particular, that’s more popular than ever this time of year: the wood-burning room. Employees say the rustic smell and romantic vibe that wood-burning products create constantly attract new customers, especially when the season changes.

“Wood-burning products are extremely popular in the Poconos. We are getting very busy right now with the cool weather this morning, ”said Peter Catanese, store manager.

Catanese says it’s crucial to keep customers, especially those new to wood heating, informed about the safety around it. He has a constant list of recommendations for chimney sweeps in the area. And, of course, these experts are just as busy right now.

“Pretty bad this time of year because they left it last year, and they’re going to start it up this year and the chimney is clogged. Have a big mess in the house and then they need to sweep it up. their chimney, “said Roario Galioto, Captain Happy Soot Service.

Captain Happy Soot Service has been in business for almost two decades. The owner says that with the number of people who have moved to the Poconos since the start of the pandemic, he has never had more calls. But he often says that these calls come too late, after a fire.

“Fires, lots of roaring fires. People think it’s not important to clean their chimney. Creosote builds up, and the next thing you know, you have a roaring fire. is not something you want, ”he explained.

Experts say you should bring in a chimney sweep once a year, and if you haven’t already scheduled it, do it ASAP.

“If you’re going to start using it, I would definitely say that because a lot of people are busy right now, I would say at least get on the list to do it. Really, the off-season is the time to. get it So if that hasn’t been done, I mean, better late than never, ”Catanese said.

And while October has been unusually warm so far, it’s only a matter of time before the heat lasts for good until next spring.

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