Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce: Tender Notice – Harris County City 2


September 28, 2021

Harris County is soliciting bids for the projects listed below. The requirements of the offer, including item description (s), due dates and times for submission, type of price, method of payment and any bond requirements, can be obtained online at, or in the purchasing agent’s office. Return offers to Harris County Buying Agent at address below no later than Houston, Texas local time on specified due dates.

1001 Preston Street, Suite 670, Houston, Texas, 77002

Submissions / Proposals expected on October 11, 2021:

Job 21/0285 – Miscellaneous mowing and maintenance services for the Center-Sud region

Job 02/2190 – Construction of landscaping and stormwater quality compliance for the Sam Houston Tollway East

Job 21/0293 – Payment cycle services

Job 21/0296 – Bevel Gear Upgrade at Clear Creek Second Gate Exit Structure

Job 21/0297 – Supply of miscellaneous trees and related items

Job 02/2199 – Professional architectural and / or engineering services for the design and construction of a health center for the Independent School District of Sheldon

Job 21/0300 – Event management companies

Job 21/0301 – Drainage Improvements at Various Locations and Related Items, City 1

Job 21/0302 – Concrete pavement repair and related items, City 1

Job 21/0305 – Comprehensive Property and Flood Insurance for the Single Family New Construction Program

Job 21/0308 – Asphalt paving for various roads (Package 2021-3), City 3

Job 21/0309 – Construction of a new administrative office and service center, district 1

Bids / Proposals due October 18, 2021

Job 02/2170 – Lawn and landscaping maintenance at various locations, facility and property management (mandatory pre-offer conference October 6, 2021)

Job 21/0294 – Demolition of the administration building at Holly Hall

Job 21/0304 – Sports Lighting Removal and Replacement in Katy National and US Parks, Enclosure 3

Work 03/2110 – Reconstruction and improvements of Kowis Street from Royal Pine Drive to James Driver Park, Borough 2

This press release was produced by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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