Christmas Decor is Growing Interest in Unique Displays and Decorating Trends

The decoration franchise has seen its activity increase by 20% this season thanks to a committed clientele.

DALLAS, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For Christmas Decor, the 300+ unit holiday lighting and display franchise, the brand’s primary mission is to keep the spirit of the season alive. The franchise’s business model allows for a loyal and recurring customer base, and the company has seen a significant increase in sales in recent years – a 20% increase so far this season and a 47% increase last year.

“The clients we tend to attract are very serious about vacations. They’re committed to it and they don’t take it lightly. It’s a pretty powerful emotional experience to have these beautiful displays done on their property,” said brandon stephensChristmas decoration chair.

Stephens said the brand is very optimistic about its successful season and the company has noticed a number of specific trends and services requested by customers. The franchise already has plenty of bookings before the brand’s peak season even begins, with many customers requesting unique displays, additional adornments and elevated lighting setups.

Unique Display Pieces

“We’re seeing a lot more people adding unique pieces to separate their setup from their neighbors. They want their property to be different and stand out, so we’re getting a lot of requests for our garden displays,” Stephens said.

Christmas Decor offers a line of six-foot-tall, two-dimensional illuminated items that are perfect for adding an extra touch of magic and “taking a display on top,” Stephens said. Pieces include an assortment of winter-related items like snowflakes, reindeer, polar bears, Christmas trees, ornaments, gift boxes and more. They are made in Europe and designed to create dramatic visual impact.

RGB wash lighting

Variations and special lighting displays are also increasingly becoming a trend, Stephens said. He credits the steady improvement in technology over the past decade as there are now so many more options than just adding light bulbs to rooflines.

“RGB wash lighting is a very exciting new trend, where you can change it through a control system and have the lighting cast into trees or against architecture,” he said. Explain. “You can even change the color pattern of the house lights. It’s a pretty popular addition to what we do.”

Ornamental accessories
But why only add lights to trees and bushes when you can take your garden display to the next level? Christmas Decor receives frequent requests to enhance the appearance of shrubs with special ornaments and hanging elements.

“We also see a lot of unique ornamental decorations for trees and shrubs. A client will do traditional lighting on a tree, but then in the canopy we will add small illuminated orbs or snowflakes to give it a unique character,” , Stephens said.

Busy season for franchisees

Stephens and the rest of the brand are excited about the 2022 season – to see the success it brings to Christmas Decor and to see the happiness their customers and the whole neighborhood will experience.

“It’s one of those services that makes you feel good. It represents a lot of positive things: family, comfort and magic,” he said. “These are all positive words that customers use when we ask them about the service.”

The brand is looking for new franchise partners with whom to develop. Christmas Decor offers incredible opportunities for those who already run outdoor service businesses such as pest control, roofing companies, or lawn maintenance. Providing lighting services during the winter gives these businesses the opportunity to generate year-round revenue and provide employment for seasonal employees.

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