Chimney Sweeps offers a second location and summer safety inspections

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Chimney Sweeps Inc. has grown from one location to two and is offering a special summer offer to help San Diego residents keep their chimneys clean.

Chimney Sweeps, a family business that has serviced chimneys and fireplaces across the county since 1985, will now operate from its original location in Lakeside and a new location in Oceanside.

Julian Margo, daily operations manager for Chimney Sweeps, said the Oceanside location opened last month “to better serve communities north of San Diego.”

Chimney Sweeps is also running a summer special that expires July 4.

“We offer a free safety inspection to new customers,” Margo said. The service is normally priced at $89.

“It’s our way of helping the community right now,” Margo said. “We know everyone comes back after being out of work for a while. We know money is scarce.

Margo said the company doesn’t want chimneys and fireplaces neglected, “because that means more chimney fires and more damage to residences as a result.”

Margo advises people to “make sure that throughout all of this, the security of your home and your hearth isn’t something that gets overlooked just because you’re in the middle of a tough fiscal time,” adding that offering a free safety inspection can help.

To those who don’t normally think about maintaining their chimneys and fireplaces during the warmer months, Margo said “the majority of structural damage to brick and masonry fireplaces occurs in the summer,” such as sidewalks cracking.

“We have the intense heat that cooks the moisture and minerals from the bricks and mortar. You get cracks, splits and deterioration of chimneys,” he said, noting that chimneys absorb twice the heat – from the sun as well as “the heat that ricochets off the roof.”

Safety inspection, Margo said, looks for that kind of damage. “It’s a good idea to catch them before they become something that’s not easy to fix,” he said.

Margo said her company is still engaged in its regimented cleaning process, reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We continue to perform sanitization and cleaning processes to protect our customers and employees,” he said.

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