Chimney Sweeps continues to provide essential services during COVID-19


Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Chimney Sweeps, Inc., is still providing inspections, repairs, and other services to customers throughout the San Diego County area.

“There are certainly risks associated with the hearth, including carbon monoxide, chimney fires, smoking and other fire hazards,” said Julian Margo, who runs the day-to-day operations of the business. “It is important that we meet the needs of these customers during this time. »

Some of these customers rely on their fireplaces as their primary source of heat, making it an important resource as they shelter in place due to current public health guidelines.

“It’s very important that their fireplace is maintained and in good working order during this time,” Margo said.

Chimney Sweeps, a family business founded over 30 years ago, is also taking precautions to protect its employees and customers. All employees wear masks and gloves in the office and when working with customers.

“We have accelerated our cleaning and sanitizing process,” Margo said.

Using Decon7 Sanitizing Spray and Mist, industrial cleaners widely used to help guard against the spread of the coronavirus, Chimney Sweeps routinely cleans all of their surfaces in their office, trucks and on their tools.

“It’s imperative that we maintain our operations, but also protect our customers and employees,” Margo said, adding that maintaining a “healthy standard” is especially important for the company during the global pandemic.

“We go to great lengths to ensure that we decontaminate regularly, and in addition, we ensure that all of our employees have all of their needs met, including masks, hand sanitizers and gloves,” he said. he declares. “Not just for work, but also for their personal lives, so that we all maintain our health and can get by.”

Margo added that the rainy season is a busy time of the year due to leaks and related issues, which makes it particularly important that they have access to chimney services as they spend almost all of their time at home until shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

“With so many people holed up in their homes and the cold rainy season upon us, we found there was a high demand for our services, not only for maintenance but also for security,” Margo said.

Chimney Sweeps started out as a “mom and pop” business before becoming one of San Diego County’s leading chimney sweeping companies. Margo’s father, Steven, who was born in London and came to America when he was 6, started the business in 1985. The use of the fireplace is very different in San Diego, with warm weather all year round, but regular maintenance is still important for local residents who need it for heating or use it regularly for other reasons.

Margo’s mother and brother are also involved in Chimney Sweeps. He said the company brings the “mystique and traditions” of chimney sweeping traditions from England.

“We’re bringing that old-world tradition and adapting it to modern technology,” Margo said.

Chimney Sweeps, Inc., is located at 10036 Maine Ave. in Lakeside and serves all areas of San Diego County. For more information contact (619) 593-4020 and visit

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