Chimney Specialists Inc. is a Seattle chimney repair company that also provides chimney sweeps and other chimney services in Seattle, WA

Chimney services offered by Chimney Specialists Inc. in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA – Chimney Specialists Inc. offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for homes, businesses and multi-family properties to residents of Seattle, WA. As an experienced chimney sweep, the company specializes in providing inspection services to its customers in which they have their chimneys inspected and cleaned every year. Another important service offered by the company is the repair of chimney leaks. The organization has expert technicians who are well trained and knowledgeable to diagnose chimney leaks and perform additional repairs for efficient operation. These technicians know their duty well because of their ability to solve the problem; despite the type of focus the client has, he can always locate the problem and resolve it amicably.

Chimney Specialists Inc., a chimney repair company, also specializes in various forms of chimney repair services. They perform replacement and installation services for various chimney parts, including liners, caps, covers and refractory panels. The company provides many comprehensive services, including chimney reconstruction, counter flashings, caps, grouting, waterproofing of bricks, etc. As a customer incentive, all repairs come with a one-year artistic warranty. Another important service offered by the organization is masonry repair. These departments are efficiently equipped with the highest quality as the organization has skilled masonry craftsmen with many years of experience working in solving all types of chimney problems.

The company also specializes in sweeping, which offers an 18-point inspection as part of the sweeping, this also includes cleaning the chimney immediately after the sweeping. Other activities available under this service include sweeping oil furnaces, inspections and roto-cleaning for level 3 creosote. In addition to providing chimney repair, sweeping and furnace sweeping services at Fuel oil, the company also specializes in cleaning dryer vents which is available for homes and multi-family properties, which helps reduce the incidence of fire.

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Chimney Specialists Inc. is located at 1122 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, USA. For general inquiries, contact their team by phone at (206) 782-0151 or by email at [email protected] For any additional information regarding their fireplace services, visit their website.

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