CBS47 investigates: 5 car break-ins in 6 days in the parking lot of the Fresno Park N Fly hotel

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Park N Fly services are an inexpensive alternative to parking at Fresno Airport. You can pay half the cost.

But crime reports show that one of those Park N Fly locations experienced nearly three times as many break-ins compared to parking at the airport.

So is it worth the risk?

The video above shows vehicle damage after car break-ins at Wyndham Garden in Fresno.

They were all shot in just six days.

In less than a week, five cars were broken into and searched in designated areas of Park N Fly.

Departing from Fresno, there are several parking options.

You can park at the airport or use Park N Fly, which is where you pay to park in nearby hotel car parks for the duration of your trip.

Reseller sites like, and offer Park N Fly at lower rates than long-term airport parking lots.

At the airport, the cheapest parking option is $ 8 per day, while the Wyndham Garden Park N Fly is as low as $ 3.50 per day.

For a five-day vacation, your price would drop from $ 40 to $ 17 instead, which is competitively priced that’s more than half that much.

“It doesn’t look that bad now, we cleaned it up pretty well,” said John Frizell, showing us his jeep which was broken into.

The Frizells parked their jeep on the grounds of Wyndham Garden Park N Fly on their way home to Alaska.

“We just parked it there for a few months while we ran to get our campervan,” Frizell said.

The Frizells say they are in Fresno because Cristin is a travel nurse temporarily in the state to help deal with the COVID-19 patient overflow.

“It was nice to be able to actually help people and honestly the most rewarding part of my job in my 18 years has been being in the COVID hospital,” Cristin said.

Upon their return to Fresno, the Frizells found their jeep broken into.

“My first thought was that it’s so violent,” she said. “All my things, my scrubs, my shoes were gone, which is ok, it’s replaceable, I just feel like I was violated and my things were taken.”

They are not alone in their experience.

The owner of a red car came back to a broken rear window.

They tell us the center console was searched, phone chargers and a garage door opener stolen.

One gray truck had a broken rear window, then another truck had another broken rear window.

The driver of this company truck tells us that it was broken into during the night.

He says a few hundred dollars in equipment was stolen.

So far this year, the police have recorded more than 90 criminal occurrences at this location.

26 of them were burglaries, thefts and stolen vehicles.

At Fresno Airport, there were nine reports of burglaries and theft and no vehicles stolen.

Online this Park N Fly location is advertised by all of these aggregation websites as a safe option to park your car.

These Park N Fly websites all advertise amenities like camera surveillance, 24-hour groundskeeper, and 24-hour security.

None of this is promised by the hotel’s website.

We were able to reach, one of the sites selling Park N Fly spots which sent this statement regarding these constant break-ins: team is investigating the issue at the Wyndham Garden Inn. Each parking list created by the team includes default parameters, which are validated by the parking partner. When certain amenities are not applicable, they are removed at the request of the partner.

We contacted Wyndham who said an investigation was immediately underway after learning of the break-in incidents. The statement they left says:

Upon learning of this incident, we immediately contacted the owner of this location, which is independently owned and operated as a franchise. At this time, we understand that hotel owners continue to cooperate fully with local authorities on this city-wide issue and are taking steps to further address the concerns raised, including adding new hotel services. on-site security and additional outdoor cameras, among other measures.

Either way, whether you purchase Park N Fly from any of these websites or directly from the Wyndham Garden in Fresno, you park at your own risk. You are responsible for any damage.

It’s a lesson the Frizells want to share so others don’t have to learn the hard way.

“For us it’s a done deal, it is what it is, but I don’t want that to happen to anyone else,” Frizell said. “So if we can prevent this from happening to someone, then absolutely, it’s okay.”

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