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Is Kenneth Choi quitting 9-1-1? Where’s Chimney in tonight’s episode?

Is Kenneth Choi leaving 9-1-1 season 5? Where is his Chimney character? If you have some of these questions coming in tonight, we understand more than that. Last week’s episode ended emotionally, with the character making the decision to go find Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt). He’s going to do whatever it takes to get her […]

Winterize Your Home and Cut Costs With These Top Tips

YOUR winter wardrobe is ready – but have you also prepared your home for freezing temperatures? The cold can cause thousands of pounds of damage, with the risk of boilers shutting down, chimneys igniting and pipes freezing. 5 Winterize Your Home and Cut Costs With These Top TipsCredit: Getty We have already shown you how […]

Open spaces are essential for Santa Fe | Letters to the Editor

I agree that the idea of ​​Thrive Community School would be good. If, of course, it was a community school that serves those around it. Unfortunately, Thrive is a charter school. Registration is done through a lottery system. This will only have negative consequences for this overcrowded and exponentially growing area. I don’t hear anyone […]

Bedbugs invade homes; they are boring, but harmless

It’s that time of year again – brown mottled bugs crawl through windows and walls in just about every room in every home. Some say the invasive virus swept through Buckeye State with more force than normal this fall. In north-central Ohio, however, it might sound like that, according to Jason Hartschuh, Ohio State University’s […]

Yes, you should have your fireplace cleaned even if you don’t use it often

If you live in Sarasota and have a fireplace, chances are you don’t use it that much. My house, built in 1955, for example, has an old-fashioned masonry fireplace that operates a maximum of five or six times a year. But even if you don’t start a fire very often, experts say it’s still a […]

Rising gas prices trigger a rush to buy logs and stoves as people turn to wood stoves for heating in winter

Log sellers, stove installers and chimney sweeps are seeing increased demand as consumers try to avoid rising gas prices by switching to wood stoves for warmth. Firewood companies say sales have jumped nearly 40% from the same period last year, while stove installers report a “significant increase” in demand in recent weeks, I can reveal. […]

Josh is the first on Who Do You Think You Are?

When you think about it, who do you think you are? is a remarkable series. Not only because he’s been on our screens for 17 years, but because he continues to unearth incredible stories about the ancestors of some of our biggest stars – sometimes their loved ones are far more interesting than the celebrities […]

How to prepare your fireplace for winter (and why you should)

Photo: Maja marjanovic (Shutterstock) When it comes to cleaning the chimneys, it’s hard not to imagine a singing and dancing Dick Van Dyke and his unique interpretation of a Cockney accent walking through time across the rooftops of London in “Mary Poppins”. And while the profession is not anymore associated to orphans and child labor, […]

Do you still compare Bitcoin to the tulip bubble? Stop!

To compare Bitcoin (BTC) to the Dutch bubble of tulip bulbs is to perpetuate a fallacy. Technology is changing faster than nature, and decentralized networks have more financial utility than a bunch. Bitcoin is technology, tulips are plants, and no savvy person would take the comparison much further. Tulipmania, a 17th-century stock market bubble in […]

Newcastle United’s capital spending crisis mapped

Football is a funny business. The annual revenues of Europe’s top 20 clubs are roughly half of what Google earns each quarter. profits, but its disproportionate cultural space in our day-to-day life means that every business move in the beautiful game is making headlines. This is how Newcastle United, the club of this FT Alphavillain, […]