Candy Corn: The Complete History of the Worst Halloween Candy


Is there a difference in the layers?

You may have spent many nights after the trick or treat debating the difference in flavors of the three layers of sweet corn, but the makers say the only difference is the variation of the food coloring. That doesn’t mean your friend was lying when he said he could tell which was which by taste alone – studies suggest he is possible, but that would just be because the dyes taste different. So you were fine. Rejoice!

Why Candy Corn is so divisive

(Robert Collins/Unsplash)

There’s a scientific reason why people are so attached to sweet corn, primarily because it’s a flavor so inextricably linked to childhood. “The area of ​​the brain where we process smell (which has a major impact on how we process taste)…is found in the same part of the brain where we store memories and evoke emotions,” explained a food scientist, so loving or hating sweet corn may very well have to do with whether you ate it as a child and childhood was a great time for you. Feel free to test the theory by asking your friends about their childhood traumas in front of the candy bowl.

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