British deeptech artificial intelligence company T-DAB.AI secures €581,000 for its Edge AI platform

Based in London T-DAB.AIan artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on Thursday July 21 that it had raised £495,000 (approximately €581,000) as part of a new fundraising round to accelerate the development of its Edge AI platform.

Edge AI refers to installing AI software in real-world devices. It’s called “Edge AI” because the AI ​​computation is performed close to the user at the edge of the network, close to where the data resides, as opposed to a centralized operation in a data facility. cloud computing or a private data center.

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The capital came from private angel investors such as Growth and non-equity funding from the UK’s National Innovation Agency, Innovate in the UK as part of the industry collaboration with Domin and the University of Bath.

Use of capital

According to T-DAB.AI, the funds will help promote the company’s advanced federated learning capabilities, Edge ML-Ops automated operations, and accelerated deployment mechanisms. The capital will also help T-DAB.AI’s business and marketing developments.

Ciprian Man, Investor/Founder of Growceanu, says, “We invested in T-DAB because it’s a company with a great team, with people who are very well trained in business, technology and sales. They have also developed a strong set of innovative products and services in a technical field applicable in many industries including manufacturing, energy, automotive, HVAC and Smart Building. The solution is already validated, current sales are excellent and have very strong traction.

An Edge AI Platform for IoT Applications

AI and machine learning (ML) are capable of delivering high returns on investment in a wide range of industrial applications. But their widespread adoption is limited by a lack of proper machine learning infrastructure and the need to centralize data, which negatively impacts cost, privacy, and network availability.

T-DAB aims to remove these barriers to AI for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s idea is to move algorithms to data and learn at the edge rather than moving data from edge devices to central cloud platforms. Federated learning is a technique that combines learning from various devices to produce intelligence. To do this, T-DAB.AI has developed OctaiPipe, a decentralized AI platform for industrial IoT.

OctaiPipe is an AI that addresses high-value industrial AI use cases while reducing cost, privacy risk, and network or cloud dependency. Users have the option to purchase pre-built solutions or create custom solutions to scale and deploy on OctaiPipe.

About T-DAB.AI

Founded in 2016 by Eric Topham and Paul Calver, T-DAB.AI helps build or buy Edge-trained machine learning solutions, push models into production, and deploy them faster, privately and cheaper.

The company’s platform claims to allow Edge AI to be integrated into IoT infrastructure without having to transfer large amounts of data to the cloud. As a result, there will be an increase in security and privacy, a decrease in costly data and compute expenditures, and a decrease in the need for constant network access for smart connected devices.

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