Boosting Margins Through Storytelling: How Garage Door Films Help Businesses Grow

Through social media, events, advertising and modern process implementation, Garage Door Films is helping family restaurant Sundowners grow and maintain a 35% margin.

Early in Garage Door Films’ life, Eric Parra and Andrew Boomer were approached by a local restaurant in San Bernardino, the Sundowners Family Restaurant.

EThey were Garage Door Films’ first major repeat customer. The owner told Eric and Andrew that he has little social media presence and is looking to increase his customer base.

Discussions began and Eric and Andrew explained how their services could help and what their long-term strategy would look like.

They determined that their strategy for Sundowners would be to share their story by achieving the following goals: increase their commercial and social media presence, engage with local and loyal customers, and create a sustainable ecosystem for growth and evolution. continues from Sundowners.

With those goals established, Andrew and Eric set to work to put Sundowners on the path to financial stability and an engaging media presence.

Start by embracing the local’s love for sunsets to share its story through multiple channels

Eric and Andrew knew that Sundowners had a large and loyal existing clientele who were waiting and ready to engage in the restaurant. They determined that this group was essential to their strategy and adapted it to speak to them.

They’ve established a new, modern social media presence, targeting existing customers in the San Bernardino area and sharing the unique Sundowners story with them.

They’ve created Facebook ads, social media ads, hosted in-person events, and engaged loyal Sundowners supporters on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In less than two years, these social media strategies generated over 2,300 additional followers, increased interaction and more platforms for customers to engage with the local restaurant they loved.

As part of this phase, Eric and Andrew also created ads for the restaurant, including full ads, promotions, and short films on social media platforms. The clientele grew so much that Eric and Andrew were able to convince the owner of Sundowners to host a live event to celebrate the restaurant’s 40th anniversary, a key milestone in Sundowners history.

They organized and spread the word via Facebook events, created physical branding materials on site, a raffle and even invited the mayor of San Bernardino. The mayor introduced himself, along with thousands of others. Within three hours of day one, Sundowners had pitched yet another Eric and Andrew idea, a feast of “all you can eat back ribs”.

At the end of the day tthere was no more food, but there was too much success. Customers engaged and showed their support and affection for a restaurant they loved. The owner was blown away and soon after increased his investment with Garage Door Films.

Speed ​​up production to engage with loyal customers

The week after planning and filming their very first event, Eric and Andrew stepped up their social media production with more posts, more interactions, and more channels.

They synthesized cinema and creativity with the power ofcommunity loyalty to create a social media ecosystem around Sundowners that has allowed it to share its unique story to not only grow but become the region’s go-to restaurant.

Eric and Andrew did not take advantage of this loyalty, however. Their social media posts, advertisements and advertisements were based on honesty, transparency and a clear message.

They embraced the loyalty and affection of the locals, increasing their engagement with them and Sundowners.

These strategies have paid off. Due to Eric and Andrew’s understanding of their client and the client’s target audience, Sundowners regularly receives over 65,000 views per ad, ad or post.

For a small local restaurant, that meant a huge increase in their monthly and annual margins. They helped the Sundowners story arc go from stagnation to expansion. Sundowners now has locations in Fontana, Victorville, and is looking to expand throughout the Inner Empire.

Eric and Andrew continue to work on these strategies, but a unique aspect of the Garage Door Films process is that they don’t “stay in their lane” but seek to improve their customers and their outreach ecosystem in every way. That’s what they did next.

Improve Sundowners internal processes and integrate them into the history of Sundowners

After working with Sundowners, Eric and Andrew realized that there were internal operations and processes that were preventing it from reaching its full terms of customer engagement and ease of ordering.

Around this time, Covid-19 was in full swing and seeing that Sundowners had no delivery process, Eric and Andrew convinced the owner that his restaurant needed it to survive the debilitating effects Covid had on the food industry. Restoration.

They convinced him, and soon after, Sundowners had their own fleet of delivery cars. The Garage Door team made sure locals were aware of this through social media and a series of advertisements, leading to increased sales as competitors slowly declined.

Other internal processes that they said needed modernization were Sundowners’ cash-only payment policy and the lack of a take-out delivery system. Without sacrificing the classic and traditional feel of Sundowners, Eric and Andrew were able to convince the owner that take credit card was a necessity and that a deferral system would be essential for them to survive Covid-19.

Once again, they have raised awareness throughout the community about these new processes across multiple channels and with a series of digital ads and promotional videos.

Sundowners was Garage Door Films ‘biggest and first repeat customer, but they provided a variety of digital, social, marketing, event and in-house services that belied their youth and shared Sundowners’ story to success.

Their success shows that they don’t need a long time to deliver. On their first try, they raised a local business that struggled to communicate and convince loyal customers to step through the doors of a stable, profitable franchise that could grow.

If you would like to learn more about the Garage Door Films duo of Eric Parra and Andrew Boomer, or if you would like to learn more about how they can help your agency, business, or restaurant, you can reach out to them on their website. here. You can also interact with them on Facebook, Instagram, Where Twitter.

Posted on January 7, 2022

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