Bettendorf Family Raises Money for Service Dog to Comfort Their Autistic Son | Local News

“The part for me that I want for him, that we want for him, is safety, to make him feel more comfortable being a part of situations,” Ryan said.

Even if the fundraiser reached its goal today, the Berding would not have a dog until 2024. 4 Paws for Ability is booked until then, Camm said, and it takes time to train a dog with special skills that he will need to work with their people.

Not all dogs are successful. Some just don’t show the care and dedication it takes to become a service dog, further reducing the number of those who can be placed with someone. Although they train a few different breeds, Camm said Keagan will likely receive a Golden Retriever / Labrador mix.

“We have to make sure that this dog can follow, because [escaping] It’s not a joke, “Camm said.” It’s serious and life threatening. ”

This year, 4 Paws for Ability will place 124 dogs in homes. The organization has placed over 1,500 dogs since its founding in 1998, mostly with spectrum children.

Despite the cold, which Ryan said Keagan didn’t like, he sprinted into the backyard to jump on the trampoline in the fading sunlight. His 10-year-old sister came out and jumped with him for a while.

Keagan loves going to the Pleasant Valley Community School District and Balance Autism, and was very happy to return after the COVID-19 pandemic held him home.

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