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Nothing grabs attention faster than a manicured lawn and the scenery that accompanies it. If you’re okay with that, you probably know the feeling of seeing a yard that looks like every blade of grass has been perfectly cut and every straight edge is clean and crisp.

Trimmers, also known as weed eaters or weed choppers, are an important tool for anyone who wants to keep their lawn and landscape spotless and avoid being overrun with weeds and extra long grasses. For overall quality and durability, the first choice is the Husqvarna Titanium Force string trimmer line.

What to know before buying a line of edgers

What should you prune?

If you are a homeowner looking for basic cutting needs along driveways, around trees and shrubs, and along landscaping edges, a thinner round cutting line will likely suffice. But if you’re planning on tackling weeds or trimming a section of thick undergrowth, you’ll probably want to look at different thicknesses and shapes of cutting lines.

What type of mower do you need?

Some trimmers come with interchangeable heads that can use different styles and thicknesses of cutting line, depending on what you plan to cut. Other mowers only have one head, so you will need to make sure that the cutting line you are using fits properly; otherwise, you will find that the cutting line jams or breaks frequently. Check your manufacturer’s instructions to find out what type of wire works best with your trimmer.

How often should you prune?

Some people prune every time they mow their yard, while others prune occasionally when the grass and weeds start to be visible from a distance. Still, others might wait until things get out of hand. If you prune frequently, look for packs with extra long spools up to 250 feet that can provide more than 10 refills over time. If you only prune occasionally, a smaller 50 to 75 foot pack may be all you need for the season. Keep in mind that the size of your garden and the length of your landscaping also come into play.

What to look for in a quality string trimmer line


The heavier the job, the thicker the cutting line you will need. For a basic cut of grass, a 0.065 to 0.085 inch line should work fine. Thicker grass and weeds require a thickness of 0.085 to 0.110 inch. If you are tackling an area of ​​dense undergrowth, look for lines thicker than 0.110 inch.


Nylon is the material of choice for most cutting lines, but depending on the difficulty of your job, it tends to break easily if pushed past the cut of the grass. If you have a heavier job, look for reinforced nylon composite lines or cut lines with aluminum additives for extra reinforcement.


There are several shapes for cutting lines. The round is the most common but it tends to tear the grass because it lacks a sharp edge. The twist line works best for cutting grass and small weeds. Square shaped lines also work well on thicker areas. The heaviest line features a serrated edge similar to a cutting knife.

How much you can expect to spend on a line trimmer

The string trimmer line offers a wide range of prices depending on the length of the spool wrapped and the thickness of the line. A 50-foot spool of residential cutting line costs between $ 3 and $ 10, while 250 feet of cutting line costs between $ 10 and $ 20. Large three-pound spools of cutting line for commercial operators cost $ 25 to $ 40.

Trimmer Line FAQ

Can cordless edgers handle very thick lines?

A. The thicker your line, the more power it will take for a cordless trimmer to combat wind resistance, which could slow your revolutions. Consult your manufacturer’s instructions and use the recommended thickness of the cutting line.

Are there any safety concerns when using an edger?

A. Any power tool should be taken seriously, which means protecting yourself from injury. Always wear long pants and closed-toe shoes when using an edger. Safety glasses and gloves are also recommended, as the string trimmer can occasionally lift up debris or small stones hidden in grass or landscaping. And don’t forget to unplug power edgers when replacing wires in the trimmer head.

What are the best trimmer lines to buy?

Top trimmer line

Husqvarna Titanium Force string trimmer line

What would you like to know: This high quality line of trimmers are patented for low noise and come from a trusted lawn care brand.

What you will love: The patented design reduces noise levels by 50 percent while maintaining high cutting efficiency. It cuts grass with rapid acceleration, has a longer lifespan and level flight characteristics. The cutting line is also made in the USA.

What you should consider: It struggles with larger and more robust weeds; there were a few line reports coming off the reel.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Premium line trimmer for the money

Maxpower Residential Round Cord

Maxpower Residential Round Cord

What would you like to know: This very affordable range of trimmers are easy to use and allow a large number of refills.

What you will love: This line of trimmers is made in the USA and made from strong nylon parts. It is 0.065 inch in diameter and comes in a 260 foot spool that provides up to 13 refills for a standard mower.

What you should consider: It has been reported to break easily against thick weeds.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To check

Anleolife commercial line of square wire edgers

Anleolife commercial line of square wire edgers

What would you like to know: This uniquely designed square trimmer line is no problem with most weeds and grass, and is ready for most trimmers.

What you will love: Made from nylon 66 copolymer for strength and damage resistance, this cutting line cuts through heavy weeds and thick grass quickly. It works in gasoline and electric trimmers from most major brands. A cutting tool is included.

What you should consider: Even though it works with most standard trimmers, it may take a bit more effort to get it into the spool.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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