BBQ Dragon announces free grill kit contest

DENVER, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BBQ Dragon has another great giveaway. For this Christmas season, they’re giving away their famous Dragon BBQ Fan, Madness Fireplace, and a bristle-free grilling brush, worth $ 135.

The Dragon BBQ Fan used with the Madness Fireplace starts the charcoal in just three minutes.

“It’s a product that works better than you might think,” says BBQ Dragon Marketing Director, Georges Prieur. “Just stick some newspaper in the side hole of the Madness fireplace, turn it on, then insert the fan, and a second later there’s a roaring sound like a jet engine. About two minutes later, flames and sparks erupt from above and your neighbors are screaming over the fence to see what is going on. “

Prior says the Madness Fireplace is now available in an XL size, which holds more than any other charcoal fireplace on the market.

Enter the contest at this link:

BBQ Dragon is known for creating innovative grill tools. Their latest three products make great gifts for barbecue and grill enthusiasts:

  • The “Chainmail” Grill Brush: If you’re worried about swallowing wire bristles from regular grill brushes, this patent-pending brush uses “chainmail” as medieval knights wore armor to clean the grill more securely.
  • The ‘Dual Extreme’ Grill Light: The world’s only dual-head LED grill and utility light, the two ultra-bright LEDs are mounted on separate goosenecks, allowing you to light up two areas – the grill and your prep surface, for example. Snaps anywhere you need bright light
  • The “XL” version of Chimney of Insanity: The popular BBQ Dragon charcoal fireplace works with its BBQ Dragon grill fan to start the charcoal in just 2 minutes – and they just released this “XL” version, which, according to them, is the largest charcoal fireplace ever manufactured.

BBQ Dragon products are available online at major retailers like Target, Home Depot, and Lowes, as well as on and the company’s website at

BBQ Dragon makes innovative grill tools. The creators of the Dragon Fan BBQ and Madness 2 Minute Charcoal Fireplace, their mission is to create innovative products that inspire customers to excel at barbecue and in life. They believe that good tools inspire a good barbecue, and a good barbecue inspires a good life.

Contact: Georges Prieur
Dragon BBQ
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