Baylor-Waco Basketball Agreement Opens Door to Performing Arts Center and STEAM Center | local government. and politics

Under the proposed deal, Baylor would pledge the city $ 20 million over 10 years to help fund the performing arts center.

The university would also give the city $ 500,000 to help launch a Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, or STEAM, at the Bledsoe-Miller Community Center, 300 Martin Luther King Jr .Blvd.

Council voted this year to purchase the Doris Miller YMCA 1020 Elm Ave. for $ 2.7 million in June with plans to use the building as the area’s new community center, replacing Bledsoe-Miller.

“We have done some groundwork on these projects, and I suspect that in the coming year we will continue with these projects,” Waco Mayor Dillon Meek said of the later phase projects. “Baylor’s financial commitment to these projects, I think, has been a positive and important consolidation of their commitment to our community. “

“We’re researching best practices on this right now,” Meek said.

A concept map shows the possible design of a future development of the downtown waterfront as part of a partnership between the city, Baylor University and the private sector.

City of Waco, provided

The location and size of the proposed performing arts center has yet to be determined, and City Manager Bradley Ford has said he will report on the project to council in early 2022. The city has hired consultancy firm Keen Independent Research in the fall of 2019 to conduct a study measuring what type of downtown mixed-use cultural building would best suit Waco’s needs.

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