Apopka Commerce Park will provide space for commercial and industrial companies

By Cindy Cummings

A number of large commercial projects are on hold at Apopka, but the one that stands out is the proposed Apopka Commercial Park. He would have introduced approximately 1.2 million square feet industrial and commercial spaces in the city center, providing a more accessible and dynamic commercial district, more convenient for workers and customers on the go. This four-building industrial project will significantly expand business opportunities within the growing Apopka community.
Beyond the pending industrial project, there are a variety of commercial properties for sale and rent in Apopka, Florida and the surrounding area. Commercial real estate prices ranging from less than $ 1,000 to $ 8 million, with an area ranging from half an acre to over 35 acres. Many of these properties are located near major thoroughfares, including 441 and 429, making travel and logistics more manageable and cost effective. Entrepreneurs and investors have seen the potential to buy and develop commercial land in Apopka, which is why locals can expect more of these commercial and industrial spaces to increase in the years to come.

Why Apopka?

Being close to the growing metropolis of Orlando, Apopka benefited from the residual growth and spinoffs that made investing in commercial real estate and developing Apopka a wise move. Orlando is rated as one of the top places to live in Florida, with 86% of residents indicating a high quality of life. With affordable rents and proximity to Orlando theme parks as well as quality shopping, dining and outdoor recreation, it’s no surprise that the residential real estate market has seen a 25% increase in sales. of houses in the past year.

As in the rest of the country, Apopka’s real estate market has been booming for the past year and a half. The trend is as noticeable in commercial real estate as it is in residential real estate. With real estate being relatively cheaper than the more densely populated areas of Florida including Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, many respective businesses and franchises are moving to supplement the population moving to Apopka and other cheaper areas.

Commercial real estate development in Apopka

Fortunately, a variety of certified and experienced landscaping companies offer their services in the Apopka area. These companies offer a variety of services, including lawn care, planting and tree maintenance that suits the needs of any commercial landscaping in Florida. For those looking to invest in a growing market, Apopka offers a plethora of opportunities. In the immediate vicinity of the Growing Orlando metro area, Apopka offers reasonable land prices and many pre-existing commercial real estate projects ready to welcome new owners.

With properties ranging from medical units and farmland to franchises and abandoned properties, there is something for every commercial real estate developer in Apopka. The considerable price range of commercial properties allows for varying degrees of investment depending on whether investors are interested in already established properties or in the development of undeveloped land. With the market as hot as it is, now is the time to consider investing in Apopka’s commercial real estate potential.

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