Another violent attack on a Democrat at home – this time on an PA candidate


Days after an intruder brutally attacked Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, at her home, another intruder assaulted a Pennsylvania Democratic candidate, this time in her backyard.

Richard Ringer, a candidate for a State House seat in Fayette County, was left unconscious Monday morning after a man punched him 10 to 12 times in the head around 5 a.m., according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette .

“He was taller than me and he pinned me on the left side,” Ringer, 69, said. “He hit me 10-12 times in the head, face and eye, and he knocked me out.”

Once Ringer came to, he called 911 — the third time in two weeks for what appears to be election-related crimes against him. In one of the previous incidents, someone had vandalized his garage door with words such as “your race” and “death”. In the other, a brick was thrown through one of its windows.

Unfortunately, Ringer was unable to give a detailed description of yesterday’s striker.

From the Post Gazette:

Democrat Richard Ringer said he was bloodied and knocked unconscious by an assailant in his backyard around 5 a.m….

Mr Ringer said his hands were bloody and his face was bruised from the attack.

Mr. Ringer said he could not provide police with a broad description of the man.

Mr Ringer has also had two incidents of vandalism at his home in the past two weeks. One, a threatening message apparently related to the election spray-painted on his garage door and the other a brick thrown through a storm door window. The spray-painted message was partially washed away by the rain by the time Mr Ringer saw it, but what remained clearly visible were the words “your race” and “death”.

Taken together, Mr Ringer said he could not help but be suspicious that the three incidents in the three weeks following the general election were linked to his candidacy, particularly given the “calmness and the tranquility of a neighborhood”.

The incidents in Mr. Ringer’s Uniontown neighborhood come as election officials in Pennsylvania and elsewhere brace for potential harassment and violence on Election Day.

Looks like all the inducing dog whistles coming from Republican politicians are paying off for GQP.

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