An Uber-like lawn mowing app has just launched in Laredo

With the push of a few buttons on their smartphone, people can request a driver to pick them up, book a hotel, or have food delivered. And now a local service will now provide lawn care in the same way.

GreenPal is a company that has been around since 2012, but recently launched operations in the Laredo area. The Gateway City was one of the first markets the company launched its service in this spring, and one of the organization’s co-founders reports success in the region.

“GreenPal has been described as the Uber for lawn care because it’s the easiest way for homeowners to find, schedule and pay for their lawn maintenance,” said GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero. “I’ve been a landscaper my whole life – as I did in high school, college, post-college – and I knew there had to be a better way for homeowners to connect with professionals. landscaping.”

Caballero says his first job was in sales, and he learned using Uber and Airbnb services that one day someone had to build a business that would use a similar tactic to get people to find someone to do their thing. garden work, just like people trust a stranger based on reviews and ratings to drive them through Uber and other similar apps. Knowing that this idea was soon to be developed, he started working the mechanics to make it a reality in 2012. Now, 10 years later, he has brought his business to the Laredo area.

Caballero says choosing the Laredo market for his business was a no-brainer given the potential such a service could have in and around the community.

“The Laredo market is so unique because it’s almost year-round, because there are some states where there’s only about three months of mowing. I’m saying there’s probably a good 12 months, or at least 10 months of lawn mowing season, in Laredo,” Caballero said. “I think homeowners and sellers are going to benefit from using an app like this.”

Although the business launched in the Laredo area last week, Caballero says there are already trends showing the market is reacting very positively to the arrival of the service.

“The way we know a marketplace is going to be successful is when owners sign up organically and sellers sign up organically,” Caballero said. “We’ve gotten into a few other markets in Texas, and so what usually happens is a bit of word of mouth starts to flow, and when we kind of see owners signing up and sellers sign up, we know this is something we need to launch as soon as possible.

For users interested in using the services, they only need to go to the GreenPal website or download the free applications associated with the service and fill in the address of the house or property at which they want the service and the date on which they wish the work to be carried out. . Once this is done, sellers in the area will be alerted and they will bid based on the details offered and photos of the property as to the price they will charge for the service.

Once several offers have been made, these will go to the owner, who can then choose who they want to work with based on the prices of the offers and the ratings and reviews of the vendors offering their services.

While anyone in and around town can be a seller through the app and offer lawn services, Caballero says there are certain guidelines sellers must follow. To be a seller, they must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and social security number, have a valid bank account, submit photos of professional lawn care equipment and photos of Previous work.

“We want to make sure that vendors who join the GreenPal platform are professional and know what they’re doing, and they are who they say they are,” Caballero said.

When it comes to payment, customers enter their credit card information once they are presented with a quote and choose one. However, their money is protected by GreenPal until the job is done by the lawn mower professional and the owner approves the job after seeing it first hand.

GreenPal takes 5% of the transaction, but this is charged from the offer and no additional payment has to be made by the owner. There is also no charge for owners and sellers to sign up to offer their services through the app.

As with any relatively new business opening new markets, Caballero says the company has received complaints from customers, but says it has tried to stay on top of and fix them.

“There are always complaints, although we wish they weren’t,” Caballero said. “What usually happens is that let’s say a seller goes out and forgets to mow the back yard, then the landlord has 24 hours to file a dispute. When this dispute is filed, the seller is notified that there is a problem with that lawn and they need to go back and fix it, the seller has 25 hours to fix it. Once he fixes it, he uploads another photo and goes to the owner for approval, and once the owner approves it, the money is released.

In the event that if a seller does not show up to repair the lawn or for whatever reason the seller never responds to the dispute, the owner pays nothing.

Although the company is still relatively new, Caballero says it is making good progress in its efforts to do on-demand lawn mowing.

The company’s co-founder says that at the height of the pandemic, their services were a great convenience because owners did not need direct contact with those serving them.

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