An “Uber” for lawn maintenance

BALTIMORE – High prices for gas, food and just about everything else are forcing some people to take on side jobs to make ends meet.

A local man takes on the owners’ seasonal chores as a way to earn extra money.

Some people don’t like doing yard work, but for those who would rather find someone else to do it, there’s an app for that.

Gardening work is hard work, but as a side job it pays off.

Michael People, owner of Royalty Lawncare LLC, said “makes the bills, pays them much easier and just has one less thing to worry about”.

In April 2020, People launched their own landscaping service to make ends meet.

“A typical day is probably 6 a.m. I get my son ready for school and then after he’s gone. I go to my first client and look at the property and start. And at 12:30, one hour of in the afternoon, I head to my other job,” People said.

Working two jobs might mean a lot of extra driving to earn extra money, but People is managing their jostling to keep rising gas prices from squeezing their profits.

“Just focus on all customers in a particular area or zip code, try to focus them all, and try to get them all in one day,” People said.

People currently has five regular customers, but he would like a lot more.

A year ago he decided to create a profile on a new app called Green Pal which facilitates the connection between owners and landscapers.

“Let’s say, for example, if they need to do their lawn. They will give the measurements and all the details. And if it’s something you think you can do, just bid on it, you and the other members of the app,” the people said.

“Which one the customer chooses will receive a notification on the app. And they will let us know what are the details, place and time. Let’s go,” People added.

The Green Pal App is relatively new to the Baltimore area and for Royalty Lawncare the competition is tough.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any customers…I haven’t won any auctions on the app yet, but I’m getting there,” People said.

People believe his patience will pay off.

“Well, nothing happens overnight, as the old saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ So, I’m a very patient man,” People said.

“It gives me more clients and I have more time on the road instead of knocking door to door and bothering people at odd hours of the day,” People said.

After all, there is an app for that.

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