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TULSA, Oklahoma., 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Alert 360, one of the nation’s largest providers of home security and home automation systems, has announced the Alert 360 Edge, a new security control panel that brings home security and of business security a smarter solution and “smarter” level. Alert 360 Edge’s artificial intelligence and processing technology enables non-contact disarming and the industry’s first home security system panel with built-in facial recognition. It also offers enhanced security within the panel, so that personal data remains private. The Alert 360 Edge is the most reliable and secure panel available today.

A main feature of any smart home, the ease of use and smart capabilities of security panels save time and hassle when your hands are full, you’re in a hurry, or can’t physically access the panel. of security.

The Alert 360 Edge security control panel is sleek, thinner and more powerful than previous security panels. It includes double the viewing area, a larger and brighter screen, higher resolution, two speakers and two microphones. It offers improved audio quality, two-way voice and updated user interface with one-button access to security and smart home functions and quick on-screen control of smart home devices in the home. It has a 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) quad-core processor, making it one of the fastest panels available to homeowners.

The Edge panel easily connects to security cameras and allows users to directly view real-time video from multiple camera feeds. Additionally, the panel’s encrypted sensors help eliminate system hacks and increase data privacy.

Specific features of the Alert 360 Edge security control panel include:

  • Advanced Facial Recognition – Contactless convenience, along with built-in facial recognition and bluetooth technologies, dramatically simplify operation – no need to drop grocery bags to disarm the alarm system.
  • Live Video – The Alert 360 Edge will work with your indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras with up to eight different camera feeds viewable directly from the panel with four camera feeds at once.
  • Integrated front camera – The front camera records a snapshot every time the system is armed or disarmed. This allows you to view an arming / disarming history and seeing an image of who issued the commands. All photos taken are stored locally on the panel and are never sent outside of your home.
  • Advanced Technology – The Edge control panel is packed with cutting-edge technical and design details, including a super-fast quad-core processor, rich and stunning colors, a brighter 7 “display, and superb sound with two speakers and two microphones facing forward.
  • Bluetooth Disarming – The 360 ​​Edge Alert allows your system to disarm itself when you have a Bluetooth enabled device near the system. This means you no longer have to worry about touching your phone or the security panel to disarm the system.
  • Two-Way Voice Alarm Response – The Edge Security Panel has a two-way voice emergency alarm response. When an alarm event is triggered, an Alert 360 professional will communicate with you in real time, directly through the panel speakers and microphone.
  • Dual Path Communication – The Edge has two separate communication paths, via an LTE wireless radio and Wi-Fi connection to your Internet connection. Having a dual path system means never worrying about your system communicating with the Alert 360 monitoring center.

“Our new Alert 360 Edge security panel is the latest must-have upgrade for an owner’s smart security system. It delivers the highest privacy and security features, speed, convenience and a stylish factor, modern and cool “, said Duane Dietrich, Alert 360 Vice President of Information Technology. “It provides better control over your entire security and automation system. It doesn’t require a phone or password to operate, but it offers the most advanced security panel technology, monitoring, and two-way communication available today.

“We understand that protecting your assets shouldn’t be complicated and that today’s homeowner needs more sophisticated solutions that help manage the whole home. We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading security technology developers to continue to deliver easy-to-use solutions yet powerful intelligent security and automation devices for our customers. “

The Alert 360 Edge Security Panel is the latest security offering in a line of new products for their home and business security systems that the company announced over the past year. Alert 360 recently launched three new solutions to increase security around homes, businesses, vehicles and remote locations as a national leader in monitored security systems and services. These services include the connected car, the Flex 360 and the Alert 360 2.0 smart video doorbell.

Alert 360’s OBD – GPS Connected Car extends security services to vehicles and alerts owners if a vehicle is tampered with or is moving. Alert 360’s new Smart Video Doorbell Camera 2.0 provides the latest video analytics, alerts more useful, two-way sound, and 150-degree, HD, viewing from your porch, yard, or driveway.Another new Alert 360 security option, the Flex 360, is a battery-powered sensor designed to protect tool sheds, gates , boats, ATVs, motorcycles, construction equipment, and more.

Alert 360’s full line of home security, business security and home automation services include:

> interactive security

> wireless or wired security cameras

> remote access

> keyless locks

> smart thermostats

> water leak sensors

> temperature sensors

> smart video doorbell cameras with analytics

> monitored heat and smoke detectors

> carbon monoxide detectors

> glass breakage sensors

> window / door sensors

> Video surveillance systems

Alert 360 also provides professional installation or integration of smart home devices, such as sprinkler systems, audio systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more.

Alert 360 allows homeowners to observe and manage their security systems using a free mobile app. In addition to the above security system options, the company offers HD CCTV cameras, keyless entry door locks, Geo-Fence garage door controllers, and smart lighting. Alert 360 security systems also offer the ability to control these security and smart home devices through Google Home or Alexa from a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Alert 360 Edge is available now for home, business and commercial owners who want to upgrade their security panel and system to the next generation of smart security. Call 833-360-1595 or contact one of Alert 360’s local security branches through United States here.

About Alert 360

Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the oldest licensed alarm monitoring providers in the country. Today, the company is a leading provider of monitored security and home automation solutions across United States. Alert 360 operates a monitoring and customer service center at Tulsa, Oklahoma and a second head office in the Dallas – Fort Worth Region. It has offices coast to coast, serving clients in 26 states.

Alert 360 was awarded the Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from the Monitoring Association for its excellence in alarm monitoring for security systems and home automation devices. a Oklahomabased company, Alert 360 was also voted “Best Home Security Provider” and was named “Best Workplaces in Oklahoma“for six consecutive years.

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