Air Cleaning Technologies offers knowledgeable HVAC UV lamp services in Baltimore and Fairfax

Air Cleaning Technologies offers various solutions to effectively sanitize interior spaces.

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Sterling, Virginia — (Release Wire) — 09/15/2022 — Air Cleaning Technologies is a company committed to identifying and solving air quality issues in a variety of settings. They provide competent assistance for maintenance of air handling units in Leesburg and Annapolis. Air Cleaning Technologies works with mechanical contractors, building maintenance specialists and HVAC specialists to ensure their customers enjoy a clean, safe and comfortable indoor environment. The comprehensive service offered by Air Cleaning Technologies begins with the assessment of systems and customer needs, followed by environmental testing. They combine this testing process with HVAC/air filtration, CBR and environmental services to address any identified issues.

Biological and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) threaten various medical facilities. Although traditional sterilization solutions are effective on the surface, they cannot treat many forms of contamination. In fact, many invisible threats are only recognized after people have fallen ill. Therefore, it will be wise to use UV lamps to maintain a sterile indoor environment. UV-C light kills microorganisms by scrambling their DNA, thereby preventing microorganisms.

Air Cleaning Technologies can seamlessly install UV-C light technology to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAI), sterilize airborne pathogens, and eliminate mold and biofilm. UV-C light not only neutralizes toxic and odorous VOCs, it can also improve HVAC efficiency. Benefiting from solutions of HVAC UV Lamps in Baltimore and Fairfax with air cleaning technologies can allow people to reduce their maintenance expenses while extending the life of their HVAC system. This company offers a range of valuable services, from coil disinfection to airborne disinfection and surface disinfection for unoccupied spaces. They even have systems primarily designed for ice and water dispensers. Air Cleaning Technologies is renowned for offering Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), a well-established disinfection technology. This safe and scientifically proven application is widely used in water treatment, food processing and air purification systems.

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About Air Cleaning Technologies
Air Cleaning Technologies provides indoor air quality service to residents of Alexandria, Annadale, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Reston, Sterling and surrounding areas.

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