A home energy audit will identify wasted energy, save you money

Have you ever looked at your energy bill and thought, “How did I use so much energy?” ”

According to the US Department of Energy, the average American pays more than $ 2,000 each year in energy bills.

We all expect energy costs to rise during Arizona’s infamous harsh summers. But what if your energy bill stays high after you turn off the air conditioning and you haven’t turned on the heating system yet?

The time will come when rooms in your home that are designed to regulate its temperature will lose their efficiency. You may physically feel the difference or not notice until you open your last bill.

Don’t wait for either scenario to happen. Be proactive. Find potential problems and fix them now before they waste energy and cost you more.

So how can you know exactly where the source of the problem is if you are unfamiliar with home energy? Dan Mullaney, Vice President, FOR Energy, Rosie on the House Certified Partner, explains how.

“The best way to determine and improve your home’s energy efficiency is to schedule an energy audit of your home. A licensed professional energy specialist will simplify this process by providing a streamlined overview of your home’s energy use and showing you the impact of targeted upgrades on your bills.

The Department of Energy estimates that pursuing the improvements recommended in an energy audit can help a homeowner reduce their energy bill by 5 to 30%.

Read the signs in your home

Before avoiding the idea of ​​planning a home energy audit, check a few things just to be perfectly sure. Here’s what you can do to determine if it’s time for an energy audit:

Compare your bills: Look at your most recent energy bills and compare them with those from the same period a year or more ago. If they are higher now, do you know why? If not, you may need outside help to figure it out.

Consider the age of your home: how old is your home? When were the windows installed or replaced? How old is the insulation in the attic? When was the roof installed? If you don’t know the answers or know it’s been a while, that’s a signal.

Feel It: The most telling sign that something is wrong with your home’s energy use is when you catch yourself checking the thermostat more than usual. As soon as you realize what you’re doing and how long has passed since you last realized it was too hot inside, perform an energy audit.

What an energy audit involves

When you decide that your home might be subject to an energy audit, contact a licensed professional energy specialist, such as FOR Energy. They offer a free home energy report or an ENERGY STAR® check for $ 99.

An energy specialist will take an in-depth look at typical and atypical energy loss points in your home. Using thermal imaging technology to see what the naked eye cannot see, a series of tests will be performed to make sure gas appliances are working properly and windows and doors are free of currents. air. Once the specialist knows exactly where your home’s energy loss is coming from, they’ll tell you what you can do to fix the problem.

An audit can take anywhere from 60 minutes to four hours, depending on the size of your home and the thoroughness of the audit you choose.

Difference between a free audit and an ENERGY STAR® audit

For example, the complementary audit and ENERGY STAR® FOR energy provides:

• Personalized report with photos of your house
• Recommendations for correcting problems
• Available discounts and education tax credit
• Evaluation of windows and doors
• Evaluation of the garage door
• Duct evaluation
• Insulation evaluation
• Basic HVAC assessment
• Evaluation of the water heater
• Thermostat evaluation
• Roof assessment
• Examination of the utility bill
• Free solar design / viability
• DIY recommendations

The Energy Star audit also includes:

• Thermal imaging
• Blower door test
• Combustion appliance zone test
• Ambient pressure test
• Whole house leak test
• Pressure pot test
• Home performance with ENERGY STAR® certificate qualification (For APS customers only.)
• PERLE certification

Rosie has encouraged Arizona homeowners to get whole home energy audits for over 15 years. There is no better investment you can make. Don’t spend a dime trying to increase your home’s efficiency without first getting the ENERGY STAR® energy audit. This way, you can target your spending on things that will really benefit your home’s energy efficiency.

Rosie on the House Special: FOR Energy offers a Free Home Energy Report and $ 99 ENERGY STAR® Audit to help you identify the root cause of your increased energy use.

Mention Rosie on the house and receive 10% off all recommended services.

While auditing itself isn’t a quick fix, it’s a great way to help you find the best home energy efficiency solution for you.

Since 2010, FOR Energy has only one goal in mind: to build a better future for its community by offering energy audits and installing solar panels. They have since helped Arizona residents maximize the energy efficiency of their homes.

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