5,000 Square Foot Palestrina Event Center Opens at Liberty Business Park | Business

As the planning of large gatherings such as weddings or working parties continue to face the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is at least one less thing revelers in the Verona region are facing. have to think – a location for their next event.

Palestrina Event Center opened at Liberty Business Park in October, in the space formerly occupied by Fisher King Winery.

The center is named after an Italian town that houses a temple honoring a Roman goddess of fate and good luck. The intention is that the Palestrina Event Center brings luck and success to events such as weddings, vacations, corporate meetings or retirement parties.

There had always been plans to open some sort of event venue in the five-year-old Liberty Business Park to complement its 136-room Hyatt hotel, Palestrina general manager Stephanie Walczak told reporters.

The 253-acre business and retail park is a project by landowner and developer David Reinke located on the southeast side of town.

When Fisher King Winery closed in October 2020 due to declining sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reinke – who owns the Hyatt – saw an opportunity to realize the event center without having to construct a new building to this one.

The 5,000 square foot space features reception and dining areas, a custom bar, lounge with fireplace, fenced patio, indoor / outdoor ceremonial options, and surround speakers.

The dining room comfortably seats 175 people with a total capacity of 220 people, Walczak said.

The venue is air conditioned, Americans for Disabilities Act compliant, and provides chairs, tables, lounge furniture, and some audiovisual equipment. A tilting door is available for deliveries.

While Palestrina does not provide food, alcohol, or bar services, a catering kitchen is available for vendors to store and reheat food, and comes complete with a large ice maker, prep tables, and tables. transport carts, said Walczak. Additionally, there is Sugar River Pizza Company, El Charro Mexican Grill, and North and South Seafood & Smokehouse, all located near Liberty Business Park, with Wisconsin Brewing Company across the street, she said. declared.

While she admits that there haven’t been many events organized yet in the first three months since Palestrina opened, there has been a lunch for the Verona Region Chamber of Commerce, a Thanksgiving dinner, a holiday party for a Madison business, and Walczak’s own wedding.

“I think some people are a little hesitant,” she said of large gatherings. “But we decided it was a good idea, so let’s go. Verona does not have a place like this and the city was on board. It wasn’t just about opening a place and making money out of it, it’s a nice addition to the park.

Walczak said she was very interested in renting the front area of ​​the center for smaller gatherings over drinks. This area can accommodate around 40 people seated or 75-80 people standing. Palestrina’s personalized bar offers space to sit and mingle, ice bins, sinks and select bar tools.

The intention was to offer a flexible event space that could accommodate groups of different sizes, allowing people to rent only the smallest front area of ​​the space for a lower price.

“When we showed people around, they were excited about the flexibility and neutrality of the space,” Walczak said.

Neutrality being the way the space is decorated. With a modern industrial look, high ceilings, black windows and white walls, it mimics the atmosphere of downtown and the metro, she said.

“We don’t want people to think it’s only for weddings,” she said. “I see it as a multifunctional space – not just a wedding space. It’s a very multifunctional space and a benefit to the community – it adds to the city as a destination. It’s very turnkey and comfortable, with tables, chairs and lounge furniture, plenty of parking lots and right in front of the hotel where people can stay overnight without having to hire transport. The layout and proximity are a strong point.

And because the Hyatt hotel and the Palestrina Event Center have the same owner, people will get rental discounts at both locations, she said.

Pricing options for Palestrina vary depending on the season, days of the week and time of day, she said.

After a year of hard work repairing the space aesthetically with paint and trim, re-finishing the floor, installing new audio and HVAC systems, they are now ready to host gatherings and parties.

“Our team has put a lot of heart and hard work into this new venture and we hope the community is as proud of it as we are,” said Walczak.

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