5 ways to prep your home


It’s easy to get away from friends and family throughout the year. After all, our lives can be so busy that it’s hard to stay in touch as often as we’d like. Luckily, the holiday season gives you an excuse to invite your loved ones over and reconnect.

There’s only one problem: your home may not be as welcoming as you would like. Maybe the floors and windows need some serious sprucing up. If you’re short on cleaning supplies, check out these eco-friendly solutions.

Then again, maybe your home needs more than a deep cleaning. Maybe you need to take on a home improvement project or two. Here are five easy renovation projects to organize your home for vacationers.

It’s time to tackle your home improvement list

Before you dive in, you should make sure to avoid major renovations. Huge projects are best saved for the summer when the weather is warmer for contractors and schedules are not so tight. Here are the best and worst times of the year to do a renovation.

So if your cupboards are bothering you, it’s probably best to postpone this project. As nice as this upgrade is, you should wait for a less busy time of year. Also, materials can be more expensive due to snowstorms in areas where lumber and other materials are collected.

Here are some easy ways to spruce up your home for the holidays:

  1. Brighten up your front door: Add a fresh coat of paint to your door if it looks old and worn. It’s easy, cheap, and can make a ton of difference. While you’re at it, throw in a wreath for some Christmas cheer!
  2. Decorate the hallways: It’s more than just song lyrics. Add some ambiance to your home with these 15 upgrades.
  3. Restock your kitchen: Before guests arrive, review your pantry and refrigerator. Throw away any old foods that may have gone bad. Fill up with rice, flour or other products that are low in level. Have a meal plan ahead of time and do your shopping well before the doorbell rings for your dinner.
  4. Deep clean your kitchen and bathroom: We spend so much time in these rooms that we easily get used to the mess. You might be able to ignore dirt on the oven handle or dust on your bathroom floor, but visitors deserve better. Use these five cleaning tips to make your home shine.
  5. Don’t forget to sweep your chimney: Cleaning your chimney can make a big difference. Not only can this add to the holiday cheer, but it’s also good for your safety. Hire a local chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace before you start roasting chestnuts.

While you can undertake many of these vacation home improvement projects, you may need some professional help. Painters, cleaners, interior designers and chimney sweeps can relieve you of your heavy plate.

Find help with your vacation home improvement projects

The end of the year can be an overwhelming time for everyone. Not only do you have parties to plan, but you also have to buy presents.

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