5 Best Tree Services in Honolulu, HI

Below is a list of the best and leading tree services in Honolulu. To help you find the best tree services located near you in Honolulu, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Honolulu’s Best Tree Services:

The top rated tree care services in Honolulu, HI are:

  • Ohana Island Tree and Landscaping Services – be proud of what they do
  • Oahu Tree Trimming and Removal Experts – have solutions for any tree
  • Tropical Tree Services – has been providing premier tree care in Hawaii since its founding
  • Malama Tree Care – is a team of seasoned tree care experts
  • Arborscapes LLC – is trained and equipped to inspect your trees

Ohana Island Tree and Landscaping ServicesTree Services in Honolulu

Ohana Island Tree and Landscaping Services help you turn your average yard into the lawn of your dreams. You can trust them to help you grow your trees and plants. You can even count on them to lay the grass or place artificial grass. They have certified arborists who can help damaged and unhealthy trees and plants recover. Pests and diseases are always a threat to plants, but they can keep them away so your trees and plants stay healthy. They can also perform a thorough soil analysis to ensure you are aware of the true condition of your soil.

Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Services Honolulu’s arborist services are unique. Their unparalleled professionalism and commitment is what sets them apart. They are proud of what they do. Earning money isn’t the only goal, it’s about helping individuals take care of their garden and trees.


Tree and landscaping services


Address: 1050 Queen St #100, Honolulu, HI 96814
Call: (808) 465-4602
Website: www.oahutrees.com


“A week ago Island Ohana came to my house on the east side of Oahu for a free estimate. They analyzed what needed to be done and gave me a few options. After agreeing on the scope of the work (tree felling with stump removal and some pruning) the crew came in yesterday and took care of everything within a few hours This company is professional, knowledgeable and can handle any type of job tree maintenance that needs to be done. Highly recommend them!” -Jessy C.

Oahu Tree Trimming and Removal ExpertsThe Best Tree Care Services in Honolulu

Oahu Tree Trimming and Removal Experts specialize in the cutting, pruning and removal of trees of all sizes on a wide variety of properties. They know all of Honolulu’s tree service needs. Their tree trimming and removal experts in Honolulu are confident they can handle a tree anywhere. Oahu’s tree cutting and removal experts are committed to not only treating trees with care, but also to providing the highest quality customer service.

They have solutions for any tree. They also strive to help their customers understand the anatomy of their trees and how to care for them properly. Oahu’s tree trimming and removal experts ensure that you will be impressed with their work and service.


Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Landscaping Services


Call: (8080 793-5144
Website: www.oahutreetrimming.com


“This team is phenomenal! They removed a large pecan tree that was unfortunately planted too close to my house and my neighbor’s pool. This team was cautious and worked with a sense of urgency to quickly and carefully fell the tree. They also cleaned the area before leaving. I would recommend this crew to anyone needing tree services here on Oahu!” -Jody S.

Tropical Tree Services Tree Services Honolulu

Tropical Tree Services has been providing premier tree care in Hawaii since it was founded by Sergio Vasquez in February 2001. Starting with S&V Landscaping Inc., with his previous ten years working with trees, he realized how much he loved working with the trees. It wasn’t long before Sergio phased out landscaping and focused entirely on tree care and renamed his business Tropical Tree Services, Inc. He believes in the continuing education of arborists and considers it a top priority in his company.

Sergio wants everyone on his team to understand how trees grow, as well as his office staff, so they can better serve their clients and their tree pruning and removal needs. Beyond all the certifications and seminars the crews have attended, he has taken the crew to many landscaping and tree care seminars, where through personal experience the crew can learn and experiment with new tree care techniques and promote crew bonding, while climbing some of the tallest trees in Hawaii.


Resistograph Inspection, Root Pruning For Tree Health, Land Preparation, Stump Removal, Tree Hazards, Tree Health Assessments, Tree Pruning Services, Tree Removal


Address: 958 Kamilonui Pl, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
Call: (808) 254-9692
Website: www.tropicaltreeservices.com


“Amazing experience. Full of dream trees and super friendly owner!” – Stephane W.

Malama Tree CareGood Tree Services in Honolulu

Malama Tree Care is an Oahu-based team of veteran tree care experts who have worked on countless tree care projects. Their job is to bring the best tree trimming services to your doorstep, whether you are a local business or just a homeowner who wants help with the trees on their property. Over the years they have designed and maintained many backyards for properties on the island. The maintenance of trees and shrubs is their specialty and their passion. They love what they do and you can feel it when you see the results of their hard work. Keep in mind that your entire landscape can be changed or altered for the better.


Tree pruning, Tree felling, Tree maintenance, Stump removal, Tree pruning


Call: (808) 468-7414
Website: www.malamatreecare.com


“The owner and crew know they are stuff. Good arborists are hard to find, especially on Oahu. Highly recommend contacting them for your needs.” – Scottish G.

Arborscapes LLCOne of the best tree services in Honolulu

Arborscapes LLCCertified Arborists are trained and equipped to inspect your trees for harmful pests and rot that can weaken the structural integrity of your trees, turning them into a dangerous liability. Their certified arborists are experienced in systemically treating trees with their vascular systems. These injections allow them to safely and effectively treat harmful pest infestations and fertilize when necessary.

Growth regulators can also be injected to reduce desired growth by extending pruning cycles and maintaining sweeping view planes with less pruning. They are available 24 hours a day for emergencies or storm work for your convenience and safety.


Structural pruning, large and technical tree removal, furnishing and installation of mature trees, pruning of coconut and palm trees, mechanical stump removal and more


Address: 41 Moloaa Street #639, Honolulu, HI 96825
Call: (808) 44-8200
Website: www.arborscapeshawaii.com


“For the best tree service on Oahu, call Arborscapes! True professionals who know what they’re doing. Honest, prompt, and exceptional service. Simply the best.” – Dr. Wesley A.

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