360 Paint Franchisee Roxanne Conrad Named Brand President, Aims to Grow Franchisee Business Through System-Wide Development

After years in corporate America and five years as a successful franchisee, Conrad and her husband continue to manage a successful territory as she takes on a new leadership role. Looking to the future, Conrad aims to develop each franchisee individually to better grow the franchise system at scale.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 360° Painting, the residential and commercial painting franchise with over 140 units, has welcomed one of its top franchisees to the management team. Roxanne Conradwhich operates a multi-million dollar location in the grand-Chicago region with her husband, Brian, brings her franchising experience to the President’s seat.

“As a franchisee, you never really see yourself on the other side of things,” Conrad said. “But when Premium Service Brands approached me about the opportunity, it made sense. I understood what they wanted to bring to the table, and I have the experience to align both sides of the fence.”

Prior to joining 360° Painting, Conrad worked in marketing at a subsidiary of Xerox, developing her skills in sales and marketing, where she met her husband. After opening their 360° painting franchise, Conrad was still working in corporate America and managing the after-hours franchise strategy. However, the older they grew, the more attention she needed.

After quitting their corporate jobs in May 2018, the Conrad duo were named 2018 Franchise Rookie of the Year at Premium Service Brand’s annual convention. On the strength of this experience, Conrad says she is ready to take on her new role.

“I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, and there are two things that really make a business work,” she said. “The first is momentum. Premium service brands can provide as much support as possible, but if the momentum isn’t there among franchisees, the business won’t start. The second is a set system. Franchisees can be as motivated as possible, but if they don’t know best practices or understand why something works, it’s harder to grow.”

“Roxanne has seen both sides of the business, and that’s one of the main reasons we’re thrilled to welcome her as President of 360° Painting,” said Paul Flick, CEO of Premium Service Brands. “She has both the drive and a deep understanding of the system we have developed and after 5 years of exceptional business ownership, she has proven to be an invaluable resource to the 360° paint franchise network.”

Looking to the future, Conrad is ready to connect professionals across the system to combine the dynamism of franchisees and the support of premium service brands, creating the strongest franchise network. Regardless of inflation, the market, or a territory’s zip code, the success of a franchise is primarily defined by the combination of momentum and available resources.

“The franchisee and the franchisor have to come together for there to be success,” she said.

With this in mind, the franchise network will be even more autonomous. Conrad’s primary goal for the coming years is to “make 360° the easiest paint organization to do business with.”

By making the business more accessible to customers, the Paint 360° and Premium Service brands, on a larger scale, will experience better growth. Of course, having a presence in more markets nationwide and having easier-to-engage technology and platforms drives customers to hire the 360° painting. Once a franchisee can secure that customer, there is great potential for developing lasting relationships.

“What we want to do is bring these customers into the PSB Home Services family because at some point they will need paint,” she said. “They will need garage door services, cleaning or closet organization at some point. The more clients we bring into the entire PSB family, the more clients we have available without spending marketing money on that client unique. This is part of the culture change that we will be focusing on in 2023 and beyond.”

While Conrad is ready to treat 360° painting as a single entity, working to further engage its network with the other premium service brand concepts will be great for everyone.

“If we can grow everyone, then everyone will grow,” she said.

Start-up costs for a Paint 360° franchise range from $101,350 at $145,000. The franchise fee is $65,000. To learn more about the franchise with 360° Painting, visit https://www.premiumservicebrands.com/360-painting/.

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