2021 elections: Kevin Ryan challenges Bill Kinne for the seat of the Onondaga County Legislature

Syracuse, New York State – Democrat Bill Kinne is running for his 12th term in the Onondaga County Legislature.

He faces a challenge for 15th District Republican Kevin Ryan, a lawyer who has long worked for the campaign and volunteers for several candidates, from Rep. John Katko to County Director Ryan McMahon.

If Ryan wins, that means he would sit in the Legislature with his brother, Democrat Christopher Ryan. Chris presents himself without opposition for the 8th arrondissement.

Kevin Ryan also sits on the board of directors of the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, which approves tax breaks for certain commercial projects. Ryan said in October that he was not sure he could sit in both the Legislative Assembly and the IDA.

The 15th arrondissement that Kinne represents covers part of the west side of Syracuse, part of Geddes and Onondaga, and Solvay.

Kinne has about $ 19,000 in his campaign account, according to records in early October. Ryan has $ 4,800.

Kinne is the owner of Property Management Services, which provides snow removal, lawn care, landscaping, caretaker and handyman services. He is a long-time county legislator, first in office from 1992 to 2011 and then back to 2020. He also worked as a legislative assistant to the Legislature from 2012 to 2018.

County legislators serve two-year terms. Next year’s salary will be $ 33,477, according to the proposed 2022 county budget. Election day is November 2.

We asked the candidates to provide information about themselves and answer this question: What is the most pressing concern for residents of your district and how, as the legislator of Onondaga County, would you approach the problem ? (Answers are edited slightly for clarity and space.)

Bill Kinne

Age: did not provide

Address: 321 E. Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse

To live: First elected to the County Legislature in 1991. Worked for Elmcrest Children’s Center, as a principal at Green Hills Farms and as an aide to the County Legislature.

Party affiliations and endorsements: Democratic Lines, Keeping Our Promises

What is the most pressing concern for the residents of your district and how, as the Onondaga County legislator, would you approach the issue?

Without a doubt, the thing I hear the most from people in my district is the need to fix our infrastructure and have better broadband service. I have always fought for more spending on our infrastructure and in particular our sewer and water systems.

Also, people have asked me to try and do something about lead poisoning which is having a very destructive effect on our community. In this regard, myself, along with several of my fellow lawmakers, have tried to get the county executive to provide more money to address this issue.

Kevin ryan

Age: 51

Address: 213 Strathmore Drive, Syracuse, New York 13207

To live: Lawyer specializing in commercial and construction litigation. Long-time political campaign worker in city, town, county and state races.

Endorsements: Republican, conservative and independence lines

What is the most pressing concern for the residents of your district and how, as the Onondaga County legislator, would you approach the issue?

As I meet the residents of the 15th arrondissement, I am told that the most pressing issues are public safety and the economy / job creation. While much of public safety policy is dictated by the state and implemented by local police departments, there are things the county can do.

As the county legislator, I will work to get the county government to play a more active role by providing additional resources for the gang task force; request the county prosecutor’s office to provide advice and training on the treatment of juvenile offenders; increase the visibility of the probation service in high crime areas; discuss guidelines for probation violations with the justice community; create a better flow of information between Hillbrook (detention center), the county crime analysis center and law enforcement; and create a county-wide gun violence task force.

I will also support the efforts of the administration (McMahon) and the Industrial Development Agency (of which I am a board member) to attract new, well-paying jobs to our region. I have supported the Amazon project (in Clay) and am working to help attract a major manufacturer to the White Pine campus. These projects are just the beginning of what we can accomplish locally and we need the legislature to work hand in hand with the administration to bring these jobs to our region. It worries me when, as a member of the IDA board, I see opposition to these efforts.

The administration has done incredible things and we need a legislature to help keep the momentum going, not to hinder it.

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