2 men in Orrington charged with stealing catalytic converters

Two local men were arrested this week in Orrington for allegedly stealing catalytic converters.

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office located a suspicious vehicle near an address on River Road in Orrington at around 6:44 a.m. Friday morning. Inside the vehicle were two men, a 43-year-old man from Bucksport and a 48-year-old from Stockton Springs. After an on-site investigation, MPs also located a suspected stolen catalytic converter and the tools that were used to remove it.

The two men were charged with receiving stolen property and possessing burglar tools. The catalytic converter and the tools were seized. Authorities are encouraging anyone whose catalytic converter has been stolen to contact their local law enforcement agency to report the theft.

Thieves can collect up to $ 1,500 for a stolen catalytic converter because the device contains precious metals. The Penobscot County OS says these thefts remain a serious problem in the state, claiming many lives and costing citizens thousands of dollars, along with numerous aggravations.

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