13 of the weirdest Christmas traditions from around the world

Tió de Nadal

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I don’t know what it’s like with Catalonia and the Christmas poo, but with the poo boy hiding in their cribs, the Catalan Christmas tradition also includes Tió de Nadal, an anthropomorphic log that shits presents.

From December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception, households in Catalan display a hollow log (face and hat optional) which children must take care of throughout the month. They are encouraged to cover their new Christmas friend with a blanket at night to keep him warm and give him delicious food, lest he starve to death.

On Christmas morning, the log is placed near the fireplace, and the children sing this song: “Shit, log, almonds and nougats, do not defecate the herring, which are too salty. Defecate the better nougats. Shit, log, almonds and nougats, and if you don’t want to defecate, I’ll give you a slap! Damn, log in! “

As the song goes, the kids then beat the log they were tending to with a stick, ordering it to already throw in the damn presents.

Parents send their children away under some pretext, and when they return, the room is filled with goodies produced from the magical colon of Tió de Nadal, proving, without a doubt, that children will believe anything if they think of getting a gift from it.

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