10-year-old Southgate launches lawn care service


Never too old to pursue your dreams? And if ever too young?

Because Bryce Johnson at Southgate isn’t waiting for life to begin. The 10-year-old has started his own lawn care business and the money is coming in. At a fixed rate, it will mow the front and back yard.

“Would you be interested in having me cut your lawn?” is the first thing he asks at the front door of neighboring houses.

And if he gets a “yes,” in return, “then I’ll come home to get my things and we’ll get to work,” he said.

It’s a strange time to be in the job market and as shortages and surpluses push the economy in opposite directions, navigating the job market can be difficult. Even in landscaping, where the work is limited to the length and width of the grass, there is uncertainty.

“It’s a bit difficult because you don’t really know how it’s going to go or what you’re going to get into,” Bryce said.

Customers can rest easy because for $25 they will get a neatly trimmed lawn from a motivated industry student – ​​a fair price considering the times.

“His dad is a business owner and he looks up to him,” Amber Barger said of what drives her son. “As a mother, I mean any mother can say that you do whatever it takes to help your child succeed, and it keeps them out of trouble.”

Barger will drive Bryce to some of his after school and weekend dates as well.

No matter how long Bryce has been in landscaping, it has already taught him the importance of a bottom line and the need to adapt when the costs get too high. With gas prices at record highs, he’s moved on to someone a little more manageable.

“That’s why we stuck with the electric mower for gas prices, and it’s easier for him, he just has to be responsible for keeping the batteries charged,” Barger said.

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