10 of the Best Flowering Ground Covers (To Spruce Up Your Boring Grass)

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If you want an alternative that still mimics the softness and green of grass to some degree, consider moss. Yes, mousse. Moss grows on almost everything. In fact, if you’ve been tending a lawn for any length of time, you’ve probably had to trim some moss. The foam is sturdy, durable and will create a soft, green carpet that is pleasant to walk on. The key is to choose a moss that is native to your area. You may be able to literally take some moss from a nearby area and simply drop it into your garden. First, remove any existing plants, rake the ground and water until it is muddy. Then press the moss plants into the dirt (keeping in mind that you may need to plant them to hold them in place until they are established). You can also create what is called a “foam mudby mixing moss (yes, in a blender) with water and buttermilk, then “painting” the mush where you want the moss to grow. Once established, the moss will take care of itself, although some light watering is needed in hot, dry conditions.

Although it is pleasant to walk on moss, it does not tolerate a lot of heavy foot traffic. If you are going to be walking on your moss a lot, consider installing a stone path of some kind.

Areas: Different varieties of moss can be found in zones 2 through 9, as a rule.

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