10 classic musicals available to watch on Disney +

Musicals and Disney are two things that often go together like chocolate and peanut butter, so it’s no surprise that the studio’s streaming service has a pretty impressive selection of musicals to enjoy. From the golden age of the genre to more modern and magical productions, lovers of musicals are spoiled for choice.

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There are Oscar winners, remakes, animated classics and everything in between. All of them have something wonderful and magical to offer any fan of the genre. From singing nuns to dancing chimney sweeps, Disney has no shortage of classic musicals.



Open the doors and seize the day with this’ 90s gem featuring a phenomenal performance by Christian Bale and a powerful soundtrack. News It might have been a bomb when it was first created, but some things get better with age. Thanks to its cult status, the film has benefited from a full stage adaptation, also available on Disney +.

While it may have a niche audience, there is no denying that true music lovers will be sucked in by the hype and energy of the songs, the message of perseverance and triumph, and worthy performances on the stage.


Alicia Morton plays Annie in the Disney version

Yes, it’s a remake of an already classic musical, but don’t let that factor stop you from watching Disney’s take on Little Orphan Annie. Prior to the weird and unusual modernization of 2014, the Disney adaptation sought to revitalize the classic musical and the result was, in fact, a decent film.

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While the original is still the favorite kid, the remake comes with the same amount of heart, fun, and incredible performances from Kathy Bates, Victor Garber, Kristin Chenoweth, and Alan Cumming. Often overlooked, the film truly offers a great experience.

In the woods

Depending on their exposure to the musical or even Sondheim’s work in general, viewers will love either In the woods, or simply accept it as Disney’s attempt to adapt the musical to a movie format. While both incarnations of the play have their moments, the Disney version is certainly the more accessible.

While a few controversial decisions have been made for the film adaptation, such as omitting Rapunzel’s death and including a new song or two, the film is packed with talent and a delivery and a imaginative designs. A different experience from Sondheim’s stage production, but one that certainly has more than a few fans.


Pore ​​Jud Is Daid Oklahoma scene!

Rogers and Hammerstein are a pair of names that any seasoned music lover should know almost immediately, and Disney definitely has the highlights of their work. Concrete example, Oklahoma is just one of the Golden Age musicals currently available to all Disney + subscribers.

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Laurie Williams’ musical tale and her romantic encounters with Curly and Jud has been considered a classic for decades and even earned a spot on the National Film Registry, truly solidifying the film’s classic status. Easily a lesson in musicals 101, this is a production every seasoned fan should know about.

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly 1969

While most Disney fans are only familiar with this movie from its association with Wall-E, hello Dolly is a catchy and bouncy musical classic that will have even the newest fans tapping their feet and humming the songs. Dolly Levi’s quest to find a marriage to cranky Horace Vandergelder leads to a romantic musical that will leave viewers smiling from ear to ear.

Barbara Streisand is the reason to watch this movie, but it’s also packed with phenomenal talent from Walter Matthau, Michael Crawford, and even Satchmo himself, Louis Armstrong, to complete the cast. Easily one of the best musicals outside of the Disney name.


Brandy and Whitney Houston Cinderella

While Disney’s animated adaptation of the Cinderella story is indeed iconic, this televised version of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical was perhaps the introduction of many young theatrical children into the midst of musical theater. With phenomenal musical talents like Brandi, Bernadette Peters and the incomparable Whitney Huston, it’s definitely worth the time to watch.

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Although the musical has already been shot twice, Disney’s version is probably the best known. Considering Julie Andrews was in the original production, that’s quite a feat in itself. Let the mouse house come out all the stops with a classic fairy tale.

The sound of music

The sound of music

If there’s one musical film that almost every viewer (regardless of show status) should know, it’s The sound of music. A homage film, parodied and referenced hundreds of times, the musical tale of the Von Trapp Family Singers has been practically etched in pop culture for decades.

The image of Maria singing across the breathtaking view of the Austrian Alps is an image no moviegoer will easily forget as famous music from Oscar and Hammerstein swells the stunning landscape. From iconic songs from the Disney soundtrack to an array of Oscar-winning and nominated elements, to say the film has a somewhat stellar reputation is an understatement.

The beauty and the Beast

Of course, it would be a huge disservice to the studio not to include at least a few of their animated classics, and The beauty and the Beast is perhaps one of their most iconic. While the music version came long after the film’s debut, it only bolstered Disney’s name in the medium.

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It might be lively, but so much detail and attention to musicality has been put into the film that it’s nearly impossible not to include it as a classic musical film. Of course, when a lyricist and songwriter like Howard Ashman is involved, the result is simply Broadway-worthy.

The Lion King

When it comes to Disney musicals, the only one that could top the nominees for Best Picture The beauty and the Beast should be The Lion King. At one time, the film was considered the pinnacle of animated feature films, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Elton John and Tim Rice’s soundtrack did not contribute to that reputation.

There’s a very good reason the film inspired one of Broadway’s oldest musicals, as the groundwork was laid perfectly in 1994. From script to songs, the film had the bones for a gripping film, comical and even emotional. musical history. Simply put, it displays all the elements that an award winning production should have.

Mary poppins

The sequel to Mary Poppins is a

Considered to be Walt Disney’s magnum opus, Mary poppins is the standard by which all Disney musicals are judged. The film could have been a production long before the Broadway version existed. Having talents such as Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in the cast and the Sherman Brothers providing the music and lyrics, Walt had the recipe for success from the start.

Every choice made in this Disney classic is made with a purpose, every song has a heartfelt and lingering quality, and the film’s message is so universal that it has retained its beloved status long after its premiere. As the penguins say, “the cream of the crop, the top tip is Mary Poppins and here we are.”

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