Plastic Surgery Credit

Many women today wish to have one or more cosmetic operations performed on their bodies. However, such an operation is anything but cheap and is only paid for by the health insurance if it became necessary as a result of an accident or other adverse circumstances.

Otherwise, all costs must be borne by yourself or financed by a plastic surgery loan. If you are interested, you can contact the doctor treating you as well as the house bank or another German or foreign bank.

Loans from the doctor or from the beauty clinic

Loans from the doctor or from the beauty clinic

No doctor will grant a loan himself, but will only present his patient with a suitable proposal for financing the planned cosmetic surgery. For this, the doctor works with various partner banks, which can often offer particularly favorable conditions for a loan for plastic surgery.

The only requirement is that the borrower’s creditworthiness is in order and that there are no negative private credit checker entries or other obstacles to lending. In most cases, a regular and steady income is essential to get a loan for plastic surgery. Such a loan is paid out in an amount, used for the intended OP and must be repaid in installments.

When it comes to consumer credit, it’s not just about low interest rates. Direct bank loans were usually always a bit cheaper than loans from the house bank. If quick payouts were required because an urgent invoice had to be paid or a special offer was tempting, online customers were previously at a disadvantage. Only since 2014 has the regular online credit remained entirely on the information superhighway. A Social media account and video telephony make the new ID procedure usable for everyone.

Loans from the bank

Loans from the bank

Hardly any bank will offer a special loan for plastic surgery, but only a classic installment loan. Since no purpose has to be specified for such a loan, it can easily be used to finance a cosmetic operation. In any case, the banks will make sure that the borrower fulfills the award criteria for an installment loan.

If this is not the case or is not fully applicable, the loan application must unfortunately be rejected. If a negative private credit checker information is the cause, there would still be the possibility to take out a loan without private credit checker from a foreign bank. This would require regular income and a permanent employment contract.


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